Thanksgiving With the Dickeys

If radio had human rights violations, the government would eventually be forced to investigate Clear Channel, Citadel and perhaps the worst offender of all, Cumulus.

These three radio consolidators

Citadel’s Game Plan

Even in ice hockey, there is sportsmanship.

At the end of each playoff round, after tough competition in which sticks come up high and bodies take a beating, the players line up and shake hands

Jerry Del Collianoǃ

January 28, 2010
Westin Kierland, Scottsdale AZ

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Citadel Publicly Warns of Bankruptcy

Farid Suleman is out of the closet on bankruptcy.

Federal rules required his company file its 10-Q report as all publicly-traded companies must.

There is a reason Suleman filed it on Friday evening just ahead of the weekend because it would be better if no one knew the blunt terms Citadel had to use to assess the prospect for bankruptcy.

The parade of shareholder destruction continues.

Among the revelations right from Suleman

Radio’s New Competitors

According to a new survey, four out of five people say they never leave home without their cell phones.

Think for a minute.

Do you know many people who go out without their cell or smart phones?

The advantage of observing human behavior makes research most meaningful.

In fact, over 23% of the respondents including 504 in the U.S. say they are likely to own two cell phones.

The survey is fascinating and I thought you

What Radio Advertisers Now Want

The radio industry is getting shellacked by the recession but worse than that, it is being compromised by its inability to hold rates.



It appears we have the first signs of an uprising by abused radio employees protesting the increasingly pervasive hostile working environments they are being forced to tolerate.

In the past I have heard rumblings from workers at Citadel complaining about Chief Bottle Washer Judy Ellis, at Cumulus directed at John (Other Brother) Dickey and Gary Pizzati (The Terminator) and, of course, Clear Channel where lack of a solid example at the top has spawned little dictators terrorizing perfectly good clusters.

Now, it is about to get uglier.

Employees are speaking up and some are even retaining lawyers to stand up to&hellip