Cell Phones Are Not Transistor Radios

There's new research I thought you'd like to know about that is in direct conflict with what I have been observing in my work with the next generation.

I'll report. You decide.

Let's breakdown a fairly recent RCW Wireless news account:

"A recent study from TNS Global Telecoms found that 43% of all mobile users listen to some form of music on their phones, and 73% of smartphones double as music players. And while the use of MP3 players on phones is up 78% in the last year, mobile radio uptake has seen a whopping&hellip

Radio & Records — Playing Not To Lose

As many of you know I love ice hockey.

More specifically, I love the Philadelphia Flyers for their physical play and great passion for winning.

I see a lot of similarities between hockey and life. In fact my son and daughter were raised on Flyers hockey from six months old.

The Flyers never give up, I told them.

Look at the Hound (Bob Kelly) in the corner mucking it up trying to make something happen, I used to say. The lesson is obvious.

Stand up and fight for what's worth fighting for.

When you lose, you don't really lose unless you give up. There's always something to build on.


37,182 Weekly Radio Mistakes

Radio has had an illustrious history of selling merchandise and services.

That's why Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama can't buy enough of it when they are battling in Democratic primary states. It's cheap (especially for politicians) but it's not all that prohibitive for the rest of the advertising world.

Still, as powerful as radio is with older listeners, there is one thing it cannot sell even to them -- HD radios.

You can hardly find a person who owns an HD radio in the real world. Broadcasters know this because they don't program anything compelling to make consumers even consider buying an HD radio. They are&hellip

Fighting The Evil Empires

Clear Channel used to be the one and only Evil Empire.

I didn't give them that name.

I believe Eric Boehlert of Salon came up with the greatest description of a ruthless company that doesn't -- in my opinion -- care for its audience or its personnel.

But today there are even more Evil Empires.

Citadel is one of them.

Radio One could be another.

If enough people have been screwed (and I'm including shareholders, now) then fill in the blank for your favorite nominee for Evil Empire.

As some of you know, my dealings with the original Evil Empire resulted from irritating them with news accounts&hellip


Did someone forget to tell Apple CEO Steve Jobs that we