For those who may not know, radio when it was in its second heyday used to employ a contest giveaway called "Hi-Lo" where callers to the station eventually guessed the jackpot and won money.

Many of us, as program directors, also ran contests similar to

Prince and the Paupers

Prince is one of the most exciting, controversial, sexy and savvy acts in the history of modern music so when he does something different he gains a lot of attention.


Email Is Out, Social Networking In

You know email has arrived when everyone you know has an email address.

But you also know when email has hit critical mass when your youngest generation turns to social networks instead.

One of the many benefits to working with the next generation is that you can get a preview as to how the music media industry is going to change. I know few people in the industry who even pay attention let alone understand. I'm not being critical here. They are just looking in the wrong direction.

I've had the opportunity at USC to see changes that appeared in the student body spread to the general population which is one of the&hellip

Finally, A Good Use for HD Radio

Utilizing HD Radio for additional revenue opportunities other than audio programming is more promising than traditional broadcasting applications.

Engineers have been busily at work on this functionality. Mobile tests were done by iBiquity in Chicago that proved no loss of service or dropped data.

This is good because HD Radio's chances of making it to prime time are slim to none -- and you know what they say about slim.

HD -- high definition, as they erroneously call it -- is too late to the party. The industry and a bevy of engineering companies fought the good fight to get what they wanted and by the time they&hellip

Google Radio “AdNonsense”

Imagine what some geniuses who have ruined radio through consolidation have in store for their medium next.

Selling unused inventory (as they call it) via Google's AdSense biding system.

Tomorrow, reduce the sales force and cut costs as Google makes selling radio sales as easy and inexpensive as selling any commodity.

Beyond that, the world!

It's all in the very experimental stage for Google, for radio and for advertisers.

We are on the brink of moving beyond (or should I say below) the world of vacuum cleaner sales in radio.

I'm not saying that some radio stations I have known didn't have&hellip

Radio Turns To Pirates for Playlists

Radio stations are beginning to use research about pirated music trends as part of their mix that includes increasingly difficult to get passive research in determining what to play on the air.

Clear Channel's Premiere Radio Networks through its Mediabase division is marketing the information to its parent company, Radio One and Emmis.

Even record labels are holding their nose and subscribing to what's popular among their nemesis -- the digital pirate. Universal wants to see what's hot on the Internet so they know what to pitch to radio stations. Wall Street Journal subscribers can read an