Market Manager Stands Up Against Cumulus


  1. If Cumulus employees don’t like Bob Walker and Dave Milner, they’re going to like them less after they read what happened to this Cumulus market manager.
  2. She’s suing and it’s ugly – details.
  3. Awarded, never written up, willing to take a pay cut but something happened where this market manager drew the line.
  4. Alleged verbal abuse so bad she wound up with PTSD – you be the judge.
  5. How this case against Cumulus is being built as employees are learning how to stand up to toxic workplace culture.
  6. The one thing you can never do at Cumulus not matter how good you are and still keep your job.
  7. How the names Lew and John Dickey and Gary Pizzati fit into all of this.

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Alleged Sexual Harassment & Disability Issues At Entercom


  • How can Entercom afford to fire a $2 million biller when they are losing $25 million a quarter?
  • One who allegedly worked 16 hours many days and ran promotions because their Philly station was understaffed.
  • Details of the heart issues, stress and nervous breakdown that followed – how she pleaded for help and was denied.
  • The Entercom conference call that went wrong when two sales execs allegedly thought the phone connection with this employee had ended and what they proceeded to say about her behind her back not knowing she was still on the line. 
  • The reason for denying an alleged $27,000 bonus claim.
  • The way Entercom fired her immediately after a short disability extension.

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Entercom’s Emerging Problems

About $1.20 in additional losses and Entercom makes it to the $4 stock range.

That would be a catastrophic fall from $16 thanks to a CBS merger that shareholders didn’t like from the word go.

But with expected third quarter losses due to be made public soon, Entercom has so many problems that sooner or later everyone will see its real value or lack of it.

For Entercom to deliver on David Field’s merger promises, he would have to greatly outperform a radio industry that is also experiencing declining revenue.

To be fair this company is still in decent shape but another year like 2018 and Entercom will be in serious trouble.

Their emerging problems are major ones – cannot be ignored.

Wait until you hear about how their much-vaunted sports operation is being received in the sports world and some of the issues Field is trying to outrun.

He can work off this list.

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SiriusXM Preparing For a Big Meltdown

What kind of b.s. is SiriusXM peddling these days?

They talk about the future like they have one, but satellite radio is ready for its big meltdown based on metrics, generational changes and the one new competitor they can’t even see coming after them.

I’ve got the weaknesses they are trying to cover up for you.

And you’ll be the first to know who is going to knock satellite radio off.

No, it isn’t terrestrial radio.  Come on.

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  1. There’s trouble ahead with paid subscriptions – the kind SiriusXM relies on for most of its revenue.  Here’s what kind of trouble they’d rather not talk about.
  2. Former SiriusXM CEO Mel Karmazin threatened to stop selling ads altogether.  Here’s why he said it and why they still can’t sell ads very successfully.
  3. The SiriusXM/Pandora merger – this is spooking Wall Street.  Seriously.  It’s seen as a drag on their stock.  Here’s why.
  4. The real value of SiriusXM is a relative secret, but Liberty Media boss John Malone knows what it is and is betting the future on something that I’ll bet you don’t even know. I didn’t – until now.
  5. That expected Liberty/Sirius takeover of iHeart from bankruptcy looks great on paper, but here’s why it is a horror show in reality.

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Dropping Entercom

A few days ago a major lender became the next to the last firm to stop coverage on Entercom.

Wells Fargo remains, but their former analyst Marci Ryvicker lost her job recently and some feel because she overstated Entercom’s upside.

David Field stubbornly refuses to acknowledge that he has blown the CBS merger integration and covers up critical problems that could turn Entercom into bankruptcy babies like Cumulus or iHeart.

As of yesterday, Entercom is now only $2.24 away from being a $4 stock (down from $16).

Now he’s about to make it worse.

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The Hype Over Podcasting

What’s the big deal about podcasting?

It doesn’t make significant money.

Certainly not enough to make up for mounting radio revenue losses.

Podcasting actually hurts radio station billing.

These are facts.

So why are Bob Pittman, Mary Berner, Ginny Morris, David Field and others betting on podcasting?

Fate of CBS Radio Employees in 2019


  • Is Entercom finally done ridding itself of CBS employees?
  • What about benefits and salaries?
  • The unsafest job by far for a CBS “leftover” in the year ahead.
  • Year two of the CBS formats all-news and sports under Entercom.
  • CBS female employees under David Field in 2019.

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Top Sellers Exiting Cumulus

There are stunning new numbers on the extent of the talent drain at Cumulus.

And, like Entercom that has in essence purged CBS market managers and programming talent from their company, Cumulus is doing the same thing with the same results.

The employees they think they don’t need, they are laying off and the ones they can’t afford to lose are leaving – and the evidence is convincing.

Mary Berner did this exact same thing when she bankrupted Reader’s Digest and perhaps you don’t know how that worked out for her.

She was fired (or left) and Reader’s Digest eventually entered a second bankruptcy.

Employees want to know the Reader’s Digest strategy as they fear for their future and want to get a read on what’s going to happen next -- should they stay or go?

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