Prediction: Disney to Sell ABC Television

The only nice thing about living through the ravages of radio consolidation is that you get a keen sense of when the next victim is going to be served up to investment banks.

And that

Judge Jerry Settles Piracy Case for $29.70

Boston grad student Joel Tenenbaum is trying to get the damage award in his music piracy case reduced from $675,000 to $29.70.

Tenenbaum is a smart alec but you know, he has a point

Radio’s Latest Believe It Or Not

Look what the Three Stooges of radio consolidation are up to.

These are things that have happened within the past few weeks at Citadel, Clear Channel and Cumulus that will make you laugh out loud (if not shed a tear or two).

Cumulus Pays $500 If You Refer an Employee and They Stayed Employed

Stay employed?

Are they kidding?

Arguably the most employee-unfriendly company is asking the employees they have left to actually recommend new ones -- you know, maybe their cheaper replacements.

As Cumulus said in their recruitment piece: