Radio Tactics ǃ

You would be surprised (or maybe not) to see the emails I get from people in the radio industry confirming management tactics that defy the imagination.

At the same time, on occasion, a broadcaster or two connects with their local market to distinguish themselves in an era of poor management.


Salary Cap Radio

In most major league sports, team owners have to work under the constraints of some kind of salary cap.

The term, I believe, is

The Ultimate Chart ǃ

When I took over as program director at a major market top 40 station, the first record promotion man to visit me walked in, sat down (with the door open) and pulled out a checkbook.

He said,

Finding Radioǃ

The radio consultant Alan Burns came out with a study recently that concluded

The Sale of Clear Channel

Recently there has been speculation that Clear Channel is petitioning the FCC to allow letting groups own 10-12 stations per market and other remedies designed to further deregulate radio.

Clear Channel is owned by Thomas H. Lee Partners and Bain Capital

The New Media Content Revolution

I am often asked by readers to suggest some ways they might start thinking about entrepreneurial ideas for the new media content revolution ahead.


Grading Radioǃ

There are a lot of questionable moves being made out there in the media world these days.

Companies propped up by hubris and investment capital and overleveraged are doing some odd things.

And then there are seemingly free strategies that may cost their companies money in the future.

So here are a few that we can learn from:

XM as an Active Stock

Now that is the work of the greatest radio salesman of all time, Mel Karmazin.

Let me explain.

Wall Street is gushing all over Sirius XM because his previously conservative

The 2-Minute Radio Listener

Arbitron VP of Programming Services Gary Marince, according to Inside Radio, told the Jacobs Media Summer School at the Conclave in Minneapolis that the average radio listening occasion lasts ten minutes.

And, the most frequently occurring duration is only two minutes.

Marince was quoted as warning

Paid Streaming Poses Radio Threat

New research has emerged that shows a very favorable outlook should Apple enter the streaming music business.

This option, while not technically being radio broadcasting, could have a significant impact on radio especially if broadcasters can find no equally attractive alternative.

A market research company called NPD Group polled iTunes users

The “F” Word Debacle

I got the job that helped me get to the big time in Philadelphia radio on the misfortune of a station disc jockey who had a slip of the tongue.

Seems this newsman/part-time dj was working the Sunday morning shift where this particular top 40 giant was forced to schedule religious programming to fulfill its FCC license requirements.

Suddenly, a taped religious program dropped out, dead air ensued and the announcer ran into the studio in a panic.

I must explain that at this time that station had engineers who controlled levels, tapes and microphones and the jock cued the music, commercials and jingles. It was an awful&hellip


The New York Times reported Sunday that the recession is over.

That is, if you work on Wall Street.

The government bailout has helped big banks and brokerage firms recover from their near fatal problems in 2008 and they have now been rewarded with record profits.

That means record bonuses for CEOs and top execs and now jobs

The 3 Best New Media Radio Companies

Here is what gets me.

I can understand how you and I meeting at this place every day have held the belief that terrestrial radio must get into the mobile Internet business.

And I get that we are having a recession

The Decline of Legal Music Downloads

Nielsen is reporting trouble for the music industry, which has been losing CD sales almost exponentially for a decade and now faces a significant decline in legal digital downloads.

Revenue is flat at the halfway point of this year (+0.3%).

Ringtones are down 24% since they peaked in 2007 according to Business Week.

There are arguments being tossed about that consumers have completed building their digital libraries for iPods and other mobile devices, but how does an active music buyer ever complete adding new music?


New Rules of Mass Media Social Networking

A few months ago Facebook was in lots of hot water with its fans for breaching privacy boundaries.

Then, we learned that Google had been using its roving vans used to create online mapping for the purpose of collecting data about websites users who were logging into over wireless networks. Google claims it was a mistake.

Some musicians are complaining

The Next CEO of Clear Channel

As we all know by now, Lee and Bain, the investment banker owners of Clear Channel are looking for a new CEO.

Mark Mays is stepping down from day to day operations by the end of the year although he will have a sweet "work 20% of the time for $1 million in pay" contract for several more years