Radio Tactics ǃ

You would be surprised (or maybe not) to see the emails I get from people in the radio industry confirming management tactics that defy the imagination.

At the same time, on occasion, a broadcaster or two connects with their local market to distinguish themselves in an era of poor management.


Salary Cap Radio

In most major league sports, team owners have to work under the constraints of some kind of salary cap.

The term, I believe, is

The Ultimate Chart ǃ

When I took over as program director at a major market top 40 station, the first record promotion man to visit me walked in, sat down (with the door open) and pulled out a checkbook.

He said,

Finding Radioǃ

The radio consultant Alan Burns came out with a study recently that concluded

The Sale of Clear Channel

Recently there has been speculation that Clear Channel is petitioning the FCC to allow letting groups own 10-12 stations per market and other remedies designed to further deregulate radio.

Clear Channel is owned by Thomas H. Lee Partners and Bain Capital