Let’s Play Music Media Trick or Treat?

Let's put on our Larry Craig or Michael Vick costumes and play this year's version of Music Media Trick or Treat.


Buy an HD radio and you get many new channels of music and radio programming. No. Buy an HD radio and get taken for a fool. The radio operators, however, won't be taken for fools. They're investing relatively nothing in the future of HD (wisely for them) and propping up the HD proponents with a meaningless HD initiative. (HD is the equivalent of trick or treating and returning home with an Apple that has a razor blade in it).


Roku. This is the Internet radio that allows you to&hellip

NAB Is Selling Radio Out (Again)

I don't take any pleasure having to say this, but the National Association of Broadcasters is selling radio out -- again.

I want to start by saying that there are a lot of great and good people at the NAB who care about radio and many broadcasters who serve on its board who do so for all the right reasons.

But somehow, our trade organization as powerful a lobby group as it is, is siding with big money, big broadcasters and those interested in further consolidation.

Consolidation has been a spectacular success and has made the radio industry more vital, more relevant, more vibrant and better able to compete with new&hellip