Labels’ Subpar Subscription Plans

What does it take to pierce the brain of record label executives who keep insisting that subscription models will save the music business?

Last week, SonyBMG jumped aboard the Titanic for another try at offering an unlimited iPod-compatible library of its music for between $9-12 a month.

The plan is likely to sink in Europe before it arrives by lifeboat to this country.

Just what young people want -- one label's music library.

Even if the labels could agree to contribute all their music to a consortium and offer it for the same money, every indication I have is that it will fail.

Cut the price -- and it&hellip

20/20 Radio Hindsight

There is a YouTube video making the rounds these days that is worth a look.

It's about CKLW's 20/20 News concept when The Big 8 was a dominant rocker in Detroit and Windsor, Ontario.

In my career I also had the opportunity to do this form of rock 'em sock 'em news which in many ways went beyond what news should be. But in retrospect, this video teaches us a lesson and gives us a glimpse into what might have been if radio kept inventing new ways to do things.

I hate to send you away to watch a video, but you must. Come back for some comments that I think you'll appreciate.

One Radio Station Per Market

Every time I write about how better off the radio industry would have been without consolidation, I get a barrage of email telling me a) you

Tell Clear Channel to Go to Zell

When The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Clear Channel's privatization deal was near collapse it sent shock waves throughout the radio industry.

This ill-conceived way for the Mays family to have one more payday has been teetering on the brink for well over a year.

I say teetering because the economy and the radio industry has been declining since the ink dried on the agreement.

The $19.5 billion price was wrong from the start. You'll remember Clear Channel tried to do the deal at a lesser price than $39 a share, but was forced to up it.

All during the tough times, Clear Channel tried to keep Thomas&hellip

Let’s Play Satellite Radio Monopoly

Yesterday the DOJ fired the shot heard 'round the entertainment industry. It paved the way for the long-anticipated merger of Sirius Satellite Radio with XM.

Now the only thing standing in the way is FCC approval which will come -- maybe in a month or so.

But the question is: how will the FCC screw up this merger by mandating add-ons that have little or nothing to do with the merits of the merger?

Let us count the ways.

Don't get me wrong.

Once Sirius merges with XM it will be a monopoly -- the kind of thing the DOJ is supposed to protect us from. But they gave up on that mission a long time&hellip