Cumulus Blows Up Detroit

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  1. Why Cumulus is willing to shoot its billing in the foot to save a salary.
  2. How the manager who exceeded Mary Berner’s expectations with the number one billing in the market wound up “re-tirefired”.
  3. Who the cheap frontrunner replacement reportedly being considered is and why employees derogatorily refer to him as “pee pants” reportedly because he’s so nervous.
  4. “Panic at the Frisco” – More intrigue in the Bay Area.
  5. How Berner intends to implement the Entercom (Bain) school of management.

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The Death of Live & Local

Tuesday 11 Hubbard firings in Chicago.

Yesterday another 11 in St. Louis.

Hear me out.

If Hubbard put out a news release that they had hired 22 MORE people instead of firing them, it would be seen as a positive sign of growth and stability.

To not see the mass firing of employees before the holidays can easily be seen for what it is.


But Hubbard is not alone.

New intelligence that I will share with you this morning indicates that radio groups are giving up on the concept of live and local and although they’ve been chipping away at it for years, something major has happened now to accelerate the process.


The Threat of SiriusXM

  • Radio’s nightmare from 25 years ago has come true – satellite radio is the future of traditional broadcasting.
  • What about digital where radio efforts are virtually non-existent – is it advantage SiriusXM?
  • Why 2019 will be the end of live and local terrestrial radio.
  • But SiriusXM has some dirty secrets that they don’t want its radio competitors to know.
  • How does a satellite service that doesn’t compete with radio for advertising and doesn’t offer its programming for free be the future of the radio industry?


The Next Radio Audience

  • The last Baby Boomer has moved past the 25-54 demographic so why are there so many stations doubling down on efforts to reach them?
  • Demographers reveal radio’s new target audience — one that is worth pursuing for a long time to come.
  • A warning about programming to Millennials and why radio can’t program to an entire generation.
  • Why this new “sweet spot” for radio could give birth to 6 or more innovative new formats that can drive new listening for the first time.
  • Surprising revelations about alt-rock and The Breeze (flanker adult contemporary format) — do they hit radio’s new desired demographic target?


Bankrupt iHeart’s $80 Million in Bonuses

iHeart is being pillaged even before it exits bankruptcy.

This is the story of Bob Pittman and 100 junior executives running off with the spoils to the tune of $82 million or more in future bonuses (not counting what was already awarded).

Publicly, Pittman is acquiring companies as if when iHeart emerges from bankruptcy current ownership will be around to manage the whole thing.

Privately, Pittman is planning an exit and the company is going to be sold but the real damage will be to the radio industry that remains.

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