Cumulus Valuation Using “Clean” Numbers

To be really honest, no one knows what Cumulus is worth.

In fact, the new board of directors doesn’t even know because their CEO is using adjusted accounting figures (as other failing radio groups are doing) so they can’t see whether Cumulus is coming back strong or whether its insufficiencies are being covered up.

The bankruptcy court assigned a value to Cumulus when it emerged earlier last year and that’s it.

When I ask people familiar with Cumulus and with extensive background running radio companies to cut through the window dressing and get down to a fair value for Cumulus something strange happens.

Here are the clean numbers.

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The Future of Distressed Radio

Nobody is making money in radio.

Unless you accept the new digital reality, radio’s impressive reach and free cash flow stream will no longer be enough to both pay debt and post significant profits.

Radio stations are becoming distressed properties.

That’s why it seems like almost every station is on the market right now with no buyers and fewer lenders.

Is this the time to buy into radio?

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Cumulus CEO Search

From the beginning of the Mary Berner regime there has been talk about if it could even be possible that a former publishing executive could turn around Cumulus Media.

She had no radio background and her time at Reader’s Digest was marked by two bankruptcies, one that she initiated and one that the board reluctantly refiled after she failed to turn the publishing giant around.

But Berner has lasted long enough to have her employment contract renewed, bonuses paid even with bankruptcy looming and a generous golden parachute agreed upon should she leave the employment of Cumulus.

And that’s the big question – will Berner stay or will she go?

One radio CEO has been IDed at reportedly pitching it and something appears to be up with the board.

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Entercom on Hold

If one thing best describes Entercom since its merger with CBS Radio, it is shrinkage.

David Field’s promised EBITDA to Wall Street was and is nowhere near $400 million.

It’s hard to deny that CBS Radio is a mere shadow of its former self.

An estimated $60 million in cutbacks with approximately $40 million is coming.


This is starting to feel like an episode of Seinfeld.

Except David Field just blinked.

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iHeart’s Bankruptcy Secret

I get that Bob Pittman has the credibility of a snake oil salesman.

But employees and anyone investing in or doing business with iHeart going forward are in for a big letdown and financial uncertainty.

Yes, the company is coming out of bankruptcy in a few months but as you’re about to read today all the company spin about a new iHeart is not going to happen.

Turns out Bain and iHeart made a big mistake and they are about to pay for it.

You wouldn’t admit this publicly, either, would you?

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