The Dave Ramsey Mess

Radio’s last great syndication hope is under attack for alleged discrimination and “cult” workplace practices.

What are Dave Ramsey’s chances of survival and what’s at stake for radio stations that already lost their top syndicator, Rush Limbaugh, with a bare cupboard of backups.

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Audacy’s Tone Deaf Rebranding of AMP in LA


Rebranding is the post-consolidation term for format change just as food insecurity is the new term for starving but the end result is the same – yesterday’s change of Audacy’s KAMP, Los Angeles format is a lesson for other hit music stations currently under fire from streaming music services in how not to go from bad to worse.

Radio stations especially hit-oriented music stations that have been pummeled by streaming music services will be shopping for new formats and the AMP rebranding is a model how not to do it.

A much better alternative is right in front of them.

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