If you are like most radio CEOs


Bankruptcy brings out the worst in media companies.

Take what Terra Firma Capital Partners is trying to do to avoid handing its failed EMI record label over to Citigroup now that it cannot repay its loans.

Terra Firma operated by Guy Hands would rather license their artists (or as I call it, whore them out) than let the big bad Citigroup wolf take possession of their company.


Paid Radio

When I heard recently that KPIG, the west coast alternative station, was going to give up its advertising platform in favor of paid subscriptions, I said,

Pink Floyd Hits The Wall Over Downloads

Did you notice the hypocrisy in the recent Pink Floyd court victory over their record label EMI preventing the company from selling single downloads on the Internet for their concept albums?

Interesting because most acts produce music cuts that are easy to sell as singles.

Pink Floyd, known for their different approach to creating record albums, seems to have won a victory of dubious value.

There was a judgment in the case which was heard in British court but news reports say that part of the judgment was kept secret. Apparently negotiations are ongoing between the group and the label.


The WGN Memo You Can’t Ignore

Robert Feder, the outstanding reporter and columnist based in Chicago, slipped Tribune CEO Randy Michaels a well-deserved stiff arm the other day when he wrote a piece on 119 words Michaels will not allow on Tribune

26% of Americans Get Their News By Phone

This is what happens when you sit back on your transmitters and towers while consumers embrace their telephones.

A new Pew Research Center study indicates that over one-fourth of all Americans now read their news on their cell phones.

This is major.

Technology is enabling consumers to get their news when they want or when they need to have it while radio stations seem to be conceding the battle for the digital frontier.

If you factor in the 40 million Pandora users, whatever listening radio stations can manage (typically one to three percent of their audiences online), increasingly available WiFi Internet&hellip

David Ogilvyǃ

Patricia Sellers, writing in Fortune Magazine last July, wrote a brilliant piece on the legendary advertising executive David Ogilvy of Ogilvy & Mather fame.

David Ogilvy was a very creative ad man.

He created memorable campaigns for Hathaway shirts and Rolls-Royce among other brands. As Seller