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If everyone knows that the future is digital, then why doesn


Every time I go to an Apple store, I spend money.


6 New Mobile and Digital Trends

Have you heard about what Sears is doing?

Sears Auto Center is conducting a marketing campaign online for drivers all across the nation this summer.

Their mission: Take $1,500 for gas, food and lodging and make a video introduction of yourself with those going along with you then Tweet, blog, report to Facebook and video your adventure.

Some think Sears has pulled off a TV reality series without TV for the new age for pennies on the dollar.

Sears Auto signs have to adorn participating cars and they will use social media as content along with pre-recorded video introductions.


Digital Overload

A recent article in The New York Times was a fascinating study of what happened when a group of scientists took off for the Grand Canyon without their mobile devices for an analog vacation.

Cell phones did not work. There was no Internet access. This trip was an unscientific beginning to what I believe is going to be required research in the future on how heavy use of digital devices and other technology affects our brains.

There were five scientists in the group

Lessons From My Digital Vacation

Every year I return to the New Jersey beaches where I vacationed since childhood to contemplate the year ahead, set priorities and observe how consumers use media in a changing world.

After my years of being a professor at the University of Southern California I have changed a lot of my views and beliefs about the music and media business. As you know I write about it in this space, but thought that you might like to see my thoughts on challenges and opportunities ahead.

Here are a few observations:

1. Only ten years ago you couldn


Late last week my old buddy Jim Carnegie broke the story that Citadel CEO For Life Farid

Music Second, Pay First

Sooner rather than later, terrestrial radio stations will be paying what I call the NAB Tax