The Next Generation ǃ

What happens when you take mobile devices and cell phones away from the next generation?

A new study has become public that confirms what I discovered when, as a professor of music industry, I asked students at the University of Southern California to go iPod and cell phone free for two days.

The new study was conducted by the International Center for Media & Public Agenda and students at the Merrill College of Journalism in Maryland.

In the Maryland research, 200 students were asked to give up all media for 24 hours. Students then had to report their experiences.

The USC project involved 44 students who&hellip

The Effect of Multitasking on Listening

Just when the radio industry is pushing its hardest to get radios on popular mobile devices like iPhones, iPods (other than Nano) and iPads, there is some academic debate bubbling under that indicates multitasking is bad for people.

I heard a fascinating NPR discussion a few weeks back on the deleterious effects of doing more than one thing at a time and my ears perked up.

Why not?


Lew Dickey Runs Cumulus Like BP

While CBS Radio President Dan Mason is celebrating the ascent of WCBS-FM in New York to number one status in the latest PPM ratings, Cumulus CEO Lew Dickey is telling a Kagan Conference that he has $1 billion in capital to spend on acquiring

ǃ_Pre-Order of 600,000 Radios Suspendedǃ_

Could you imagine a headline like that?

But Tuesday, the most unpopular cellular carrier in the world and the most popular electronic device manufacturer in the world got so many pre-orders for the new iPhone 4 that it was forced to suspend sales.


The Music Business Turns To Newspapers

One of my readers sent me an email over the weekend to say that on page E-17 of The Sunday Los Angeles Times there was an ad for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers new album

The Rewards of Radio Bankruptcy

Now that the first phase of radio bankruptcy is coming to an end (don't worry there will be more), the spoils of failure are being outed in grand style.

Take Citadel

Record Industry Collapse

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is saying that it is the end of the world as the record industry knows it.

Yorke is predicting the total collapse of the music industry and is warning young musicians to hold off signing record deals as he anticipates some big labels going belly up in the next few months.

Radiohead left their label, the troubled EMI, three years ago and went whole hog into digital distribution. You may remember In Rainbows was offered on the Internet and fans were allowed to set their own price from free to whatever

Podcasting Directly to Radios

One of my dear Australian friends sent me news last week of an initiative involving both Australian and Chinese commercial radio broadcasters.

I thought you would find this fascinating as I did.

Commercial Radio Australia and an affiliate of Radio Beijing are planning to develop a DAB+ digital radio application that will make it possible for podcasts to be sent via the broadcast band directly to a listener

The New iPhone 4G

Steve Jobs stood before the public again yesterday and introduced another cool mobile device that has everything on it except


When NPR CEO Vivian Schiller lambasted her local affiliates last week, she started a public debate over the mobile Internet that promises to be very instructive.

Local affiliates understandably grumbled when Schiller said she didn

NPR Says Radio Is Dead in 5-10 Years

National Public Radio CEO Vivian Schiller did what all good speakers try to do when they address their peers -- get noticed.

At the All Things Digital conference Wednesday she predicted that Internet-delivered radio will replace broadcast radio in 5 to 10 years.

Schiller made her prediction quite clear when she said radio towers would be a thing of the past.

Guess she got their attention.

Of course, Schiller pointed out that NPR's digital content is adding to its audience rather than taking away from NPR's traditional radio delivery so if one is to believe her, NPR has got it right and we should follow her&hellip

AT&T Canǃ

Or can it stop consumers from watching YouTube all day.

Or making streaming radio too expensive for most.

When AT&T announced yesterday that it would soon do away with its unlimited data plan for new wireless customers and put caps on usage

Cumulus Eyes Moving to Inside Sales

Managers within Cumulus fear that the company has decided on taking its sales force inside.

Among their concerns: that local Cumulus markets will someday no longer have outside sales reps.

Instead, they expect Cumulus to substitute an inside sales team based at their Atlanta headquarters calling on business all over the country.

One executive, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the fear of retribution said, "No legitimate local business owner will advertise with a radio station conglomerate in Atlanta when they are used to negotiating one on one with a local sales professional".

Why the move to&hellip