Radio Groups That Won’t Be Here Anymore

I know!

iHeart will probably file for bankruptcy once it drains the remaining assets in the company.

And Cumulus is in serious financial trouble – Lew is shrewd, John is the slacker who has ruined their programming.

But there are some radio groups that I don’t think are going to be here anymore.

Why do I say this?

Because they are acting like the groups that we know are headed for the exits.

Which big name group – one that no one would ever guess – is acting like a loser. Firing people days before Christmas and they aren’t even iHeartMedia. I think their end game is to get out of radio.

Or the company that buys shitty stations and unloads good ones – that can’t be a company that survives.

Then there’s the rather new group that is slashing costs. Do you smell a sale coming? Some of their employees do.

The smartest radio group of all has the best exit plan – I think you will agree.

The group that is busting at the seams to find a buyer – any buyer.

And still, there is one more group that may try to go public while everyone else is getting out.

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Eliminating Radio’s 3 Biggest Weaknesses

If we can make a dent in just these three areas, it will make the most difference.

  1. Repetitious Music – This is not a new complaint but in a world of Pandora, Spotify and streaming digital devices playing the same songs over and over again has become a bigger negative for radio. First, break away from playing songs all the way through – young music listeners never play a song all the way through.  Time to adapt. Add in more music discovery. More new with shorter versions of hit songs.
  2. Too Many Lousy Commercials – Make them better and don’t run as many.       But stations are not getting their rates so they are accepting lots of cheaper 10, 15 and 20 second spots that make commercial sets unlistenable. And news and talk stations think this doesn’t apply to them.  It does. Many times the local station can make commercials sound better and be more effective. You’ll want the latest on what works because it doesn’t cost a penny to do things that are proven to work. For example, using two or more voices.
  3. Fixing Outdated Morning Shows – Traffic, weather, news – that’s so 90’s.  Any self-respecting smartphone owner knows everything that she or he needs to know in what was once radio’s main morning mission. When we keep doing what listeners don’t need, it makes us less valuable.  Brainstorm with me on how to replace traffic, weather and news with something listeners can’t get on a cellphone. And if you’re afraid to mess with traffic, weather and news because it is associated with revenue, wait until you see what you can get for offering three new services that even digital users can’t get on their mobile devices.

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iHeart Bankruptcy Predictions

Think about it this way.

If iHeart fired everyone but Bob Pittman and Rich Bressler, they would barely make a dent in their $20.4 billion debt obligation.

I don’t care how good Los Angeles performs in the future or how much advertising improves, they are just too far in a black hole.

But one thing has to happen first before iHeart execs will enter a bankruptcy court – this is how you’ll know if and when bankruptcy is coming. Watch for it.

And once it does, what happens to contracts and negotiated union agreements already in place?

Not that you may care – but bankruptcy affects everything – even what happens to the schlubs who are holding that $20.4 billion in debt.

Then there is a plan to liquidate programming as we know it – the first pieces are already in place. They have their man in place ready to do this.

And as incredible as it may seem, iHeart may try to actually run up more debt before they file for bankruptcy. Here’s why.

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The Topics At My Next Seminar

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Both challenges and opportunities.

If you consider yourself a broadcaster who strives for excellence and wants to master the generational changes that are uprooting the media business, you’ll likely be interested in the topics below.

For entrepreneurs who create content or market it, this meeting is a treasure of sound business opportunities that create audience and revenue streams.

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  • Better radio, stronger digital
  • How much radio, how much digital
  • Storytelling – Millennials’ hot new obsession
  • How to get audiences to listen to songs all the way through – face it, they don’t and yet we’re building our entire station on the concept of music sweeps.
  • What Millennials want the most -- Authenticity, no hype, consensus not confrontation, respect, trust & fairness, dreams (all the way from changing the world to building a better life), fun to be with and openness and diversity in programming & advertising. Now … here’s how to deliver them.
  • Eliminating radio’s 3 biggest weaknesses – repetitious music, too many lousy commercials, outdated morning shows.
  • Addressing radio’s biggest objections – too many commercials, repetitive playlists and not enough music discovery, morning shows that suck, stupid contests and promotions, too much hype. Damage control.
  • Radio’s 75 million baby boomers, 95 million Millennials – what to do?
  • Both music discovery AND ratings – how to add 2/3 more new music and not lose listeners
  • Beware of the digital dashboard – It turned out to be a Pandora’s box, sorry about that – but you know what I mean. A better Plan B.
  • Forget other stations, YouTube is your competitor. Change your focus.
  • Creating Binge Radio Content – yes, just like Netflix.
  • Radio’s answer to on-demand – not doing the service elements of a morning show that stations love but listeners now get on their phones. On to exclusive new content that can’t compete with a phone.
  • Millennial mistakes you don’t want to make – change the way you do commercials, talk to listeners differently, taking audience bingeing seriously, kill the 8 minute stop set before it kills you, don’t use social media to promote, ditch voice tracking and syndication, play games – hey, this is the gaming generation -- don’t brand or promote make personalities your “brand”.
  • Start a video revenue stream – I’m doing it, let me show you how you can too for the same pennies I’m committing.
  • What’s in the pipeline for radio – Is it really throwback hip-hop or something we’re missing.
  • Taking back market share from below average digital competitors.
  • Instagram is killing Facebook, but here’s what’s the next big thing in social media.
  • 2 things today’s radio audiences cannot resist – service and humility. Discuss.
  • If you’re thinking of leaving radio – make millions creating short form video like this.
  • Not ready for major changes, at least do this -- refresh your radio station using a can’t fail checklist.
  • Protect your station against competitors who drop their rates – it’s the biggest danger to independent stations and groups in 2015.
  • Expanded group questions & answers – The teacher and the taught together do the teaching!

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iHeart’s $100,000 Sales Incentive

iHeart is doing a strange $100,000 Challenge sales promotion that is so deadly, the winning sales rep could get laid off immediately.

I’m not kidding … this is a sucker’s contest if I ever saw one.

The way sellers must qualify.

Rules that change as fast as iHeart’s debt.

How the contest is modeled like their national audience contests in which listeners don’t have a chance in hell to win.

Motivated by a big money radio contest Bob Pittman did when he was actually in radio 40 years ago – scary similar, let me tell you that story.

Why account execs are doing everything they can NOT to win Pittman’s $100,000.

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