Send Clear Channel to Rehab

I hope the rumors are false.

I hope that Clear Channel is not about to deal hundreds of stations to one buyer creating an instant mini-Clear Channel.

Clear Channel is selling off its assets after running the shareholders value down and they are in the process of settling on a buyer for the majority of some 400+ stations they are looking to deal. These stations are obviously non-essential to their new plan which is to remain in the big markets once they've sold off these stations and other assets.

What's upsetting and probably not surprising is the prospect that one operator could pick up this critical mass of radio&hellip

Content and Branding — Pleeease!

I have to laugh when I see how the traditional media business is responding to the awesome attack of interactive media on their space.

When they are not doing next to nothing to respond, they are busy creating content and brand managers to take them into the new age. Now the thought is a a good one -- make your comprehensive content and marketing come together under one person. But in my view they are doing this in name only.

We already have such a person in terrestrial broadcasting. That's the program director. It's cool and everything to elevate programming to "branding" but the nomenclature is not the solution. It&hellip

Satellite Vs. Radio Vs. WiFi

A few days ago when the two -- only two -- satellite operators announced their merger intentions, I wrote a post about what it would take to succeed in a world where radio is everywhere. At the end of the piece I warned that if the merged satellite operator didn't make some major changes, it wouldn't really matter whether their merger succeeded or not because their mission wouldn't.

Now, it's time to mention the killer app.

When universal WiFi or its equivalent is available and consumers can take the Internet with them then it's all over for radio. Ditto for satellite radio.

That is, of course, assuming that&hellip

Satellite And HD Radio — Perfect Together

If and when Sirius and XM Satellite Radio get the green light to merge, new radios will have to be manufactured to allow both services which use different technology to be heard on one receiver. The FCC had always mandated that when satellite radio was created, both satellite networks had to be heard on all receivers. Somewhere along the way, the FCC let this little detail slip away. Could you imagine an AM/FM radio that only receives one station? Well, actually, I can because WBEB-FM, Philadelphia founder Jerry Lee used to manufacture and give them away to advertisers before a crackdown stopped his great promotion.

So follow&hellip

Labels Acting Like…Well, Labels

Put this in perspective.
Warner is trying to buy EMI again. The two record labels have been doing the merger dance for many years now. Some think it's just big egos trying to best each other. All this while their businesses go to the dogs.
The RIAA has stepped up its targeting of university campuses in hopes of catching more college students doing the nasty -- illegal downloading.And while all this is going on record industry execs are privately working on life without digital rights management (DRM) while publicly, for the most part, denying it.It's just another day in paradise for the trouble music industry.&hellip