Radio’s Next Ploy After Simulcasts

Just when you thought radio owners ran out of ways to save money, comes this …

There is more recycling in radio than by Waste Management.

We know about the radio rush to simulcast AM on FM all of a sudden – 30 years too late.

Now get a load of this …

1.  The tactic that you’re likely going to see a lot more of in radio.  If you’re working for a real good radio station, consider this a warning.

2.  The best way to simulcast a worthwhile radio brand and the worst way.

3.  When is it permissible to not do a simulcast when a simulcast is the better option?  Here it is.

Plus, 4 fresh ideas you’re going to love (but owners will hate) for innovating on AM stations.  That’s right.  I haven’t lost my mind.  I’ll show you a new age use for AM radio.

1.  The perfect place to find someone who can double your current AM numbers in one year and make the demographics younger.  Guaranteed.  I’m telling you, program directors will love this.  Why hasn’t anyone thought of it?

2. The best way to do a simulcast.  In radio, even a simulcast isn’t a simulcast anymore.  

3.  What an AM station and the Internet were made in heaven for.  I’ve got an idea so exciting, you’re going to marry AM and mobile Internet and do better than the same old tired AM syndicated formats.

4.  The one ingredient that is lacking from simulcasts or the second coming of simulcasts – without which the AM/FM simulcast lays an egg.

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Voice Tracking the Hurricane


Before we hand out credit to the radio industry for a job well done, let’s ferret out the owners who don’t deserve it and the ones that do.

Hurricane Irene took less than two weeks to wreak havoc on the east coast of the United States, but the radio folks who should be getting kudos in its wake are the ones who have been averting a management disaster in their local markets all year.

5 things you can take from this disaster to make local radio better …

1.  Re-setting the station’s mission – and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Here’s how.

2.  What a station’s number one focus must now be.  Not profits.  Not just local shows but these types of local shows.

3.  How to prepare for disaster every day and win ratings while practicing.

4.  How to get a young digital user to willingly turn on a radio.  Not just a scary hurricane bearing down, this!

5.  The best way to get an FM chip built into an iPhone.  If proponents of FM chips in cell phones had done this, every phone would be a radio.

Here’s what happens when the FCC goes missing and consolidators run the show with voice tracking.

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Top Citadel Talent Refuses to Work for Cumulus

This is an uplifting story for everyone but the owner barons who have taken over the radio industry.

Today, all the details of a courageous, respected and talented talk show host who refuses to have his contract assigned to Cumulus.

You’ll want to read this …

1.  The matter is in court and Citadel is frantically trying everything to force this poor guy to work for Cumulus after the takeover.

2.  They’ve reportedly turned Judy Ellis loose on him.  Wait until you hear what she is trying.

3.  It gets better – a people-friendly radio group is ready to snap him up the minute he is out from under the Dickey regime. 

4.  How Citadel allegedly bullied Finebaum into signing a critical contract addendum and what they threatened to do if he didn’t.

5.  The one clause in

5 New Business Opportunities for Radio People

Okay, I’ve got 5 more – all new – business opportunities for radio people currently employed, unemployed or ready to become unemployed. 

Develop these ideas full-time, part-time or go get a funding and do all five of them before anyone else.

1.  Do this – the radio station of the future and it is not an Internet website.  I name 14, shall we call them “formats”, waiting for someone to do.  This is not radio as you have known it, it’s even better.  Dig in before someone else does.

2.  Hint – soon the auto dashboard will be open to you and me not just Cumulus and Clear Channel.  Here’s a franchise you will want to develop and trademark now.

3.  Over 40% of YouTube’s traffic is from consumers who want to listen to music video not necessarily watch them.  Odd, isn’t it?  So, guess what I want you to do? 

4.  A way for you to be the new age Action News in your market except without all the expense.  I’m going to tell you how.  The best way to launch it and build it out and when you see the game plan you’ll know why this is my favorite new business opportunity for radio people.

5.  Takeover a radio station’s website.  Here’s an ingenious plan that is a win-win for you and your client station, but it comes with warnings you’ll thank me for later if you seize the opportunity.  This is a license to print money and advertisers will readily support it.  Read the details here.

I’m tired of all the bad news these days.

Here are 5 actionable ideas that are worth subscribing for and can change your life.

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What Listeners Want Now

Listening is off.

Revenues are down – even though the same bad economy that is killing radio is not killing new media ad buys.

Forget consolidation for a moment.

Radio is on the wrong side of their listeners.

1.  We know what radio cares about most, can you name what today’s listener cares about most?  I’ll share.

2.  Stations continue to make this big mistake that turns listeners off more than anything else a station can do.  I’ve got some fresh examples for you.

3.  What radio used to do to position itself solidly with listeners used to work like a charm on almost every radio station and now backfires on stations foolish enough to keep doing it.   I’ll lay it out for you and you can take it from there – stop.

4.  Take how Apple zeroes in on exactly what its audience wants and then extrapolate the process and try it for radio.  I’ve done it for you here – and you’ll like this outcome a lot better.

5.  Market by market stations are focused on dominating a format instead of doing this – a strategic winner that would reinvigorate the radio spectrum.  Forget AM and FM – neither is an advantage until you do this one thing first.

You read these previews every day.  Today is the day to start unlocking them and get intelligence you just can’t get anywhere else.

5 things that actually matter to listeners – today, here.

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iPad Monopoly

Don’t skip past HP’s exit from the tablet business so fast.

It leaves Apple with no number two competitor and a clear path to monopoly over arguably the most important consumer device of the past 100 years.

1.  Why the powerful movie monopoly Netflix is in trouble now.  And not for the reason most people think.

2.  Steve Jobs is now in a position to have his way with record labels.  Here’s what he wants.

3.  Music is in trouble – again.  This time Apple is only one reason.

4.  Coming soon – the Apple pipeline.  Read about it.

5.  Content providers are losing control over this very important aspect of their business as Apple gets stronger. 

Sales stats mean nothing when it comes to the wild popularity of iPads

What is important is the strategic positioning of Apple over many content providers as we reveal in this article.

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Jersey Shore

I take a few weeks every summer to pull together a year’s worth of observations about changing media usage, developing consumer habits to beware of and new opportunities ahead.

This is my report to you …

1.  Radio in the lives of consumers – the prospects.

2.  The smartphone – why it is a bigger problem to content providers than originally thought.  And how traditional media companies can effectively respond to this challenge.

3.  The pervasive Internet and why it is killing broadcasting not helping it.  Yet radio stations continue to direct its audience to the Internet. 

4.  Some of the most hated media companies (not radio groups) and why.  Know them and don’t be like them.

5.  Live performing is about to hit the wall.  When Bon Jovi outdraws a current star like Lady Gaga, the concert business has a problem.  The solution they won’t want to hear.

6.  Newspapers – comeback or no comeback?

7.  The thing that is killing network TV.  You think it is reality shows?  Guess again.

I love bringing you useful observations and solutions in an increasingly digital world.

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Simulcasting on FM For All the Wrong Reasons

Now CBS is blowing up WYSP, Philadelphia to simulcast its AM sports brand currently residing on WIP.

Again, under attack from a competitor.

More simulcasting is on the way to a market near you and this is about the danger ahead of migrating AM brands to FM.

That’s right – danger!

1.  The one legitimate reason for simulcasting an AM format on FM.  There are not two reasons.

2.  The real reason you’ll be hearing about more simulcasting in the coming months.  And it has nothing to do with Randy Michaels.

3.  The challenges of simulcasting AM radio on FM in the digital age.

4.  My prediction on how this strategic move will play out.

5.  The only real insurance policy – better than simulcasting – that can protect a long held AM radio brand.  Do this and you’re cooperating with the inevitable instead of fighting it.

Simulcasting is not what it seems and if you’re competing against an owner who thinks they’re protecting their AM brand by moving it to FM, this article will be worth reading.

Better yet – why wait for a competitor.  Act now.

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5 Ways Radio Can Beat the Economy

Let’s move on.

The economy is down for the next two years according to actions at the Fed and radio is in the doldrums.

How about 5 blueprints for revenue in tough economic times.  Apple can do it.  Why not radio?

1.  The fastest way to get an additional stream of revenue coming into your station – and the best.  If you don’t grab the next 4 ideas, then at least start with this one.

2.  A new aged way radio stations can actually hitchhike on Steve Jobs’ success.  For the first time, a means for you to become the Apple of local content.  All you need to start is right here.

3.  Four times during the next year – even in spite of the economy – do this project that will eek out extra money from sponsors who will not want to be left out.

4.  There is an opportunity in digital that few, if any, stations are opting to take.  I’ll describe it for you so you can beat them to it.

5.  Do what 3M does.  That’s right.  The next source of revenue even in this recession is right under your nose.  This will help you find it.

Everyday I try to put intelligence reports together that make your investment worthwhile.

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Then, go get ‘em!

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Radio’s Best CEO

You know who the worst radio CEO is.

But who is the best?

We have a few good ones, but I’ve got one outstanding radio exec that I will name.

But first …

1.  The 5 critical skills that make a manager great – a radio CEO.

2.  What a radio CEO should not be -- I’ll bet you’ve never seen a list like this before.

3.  Four top performing radio groups succeed because of their chief execs – here’s who they are.

4.  PLUS …  The Best Radio CEO.  Who he is.  Why he is.  And why he rarely gets the credit he deserves.  Bet you can’t guess.

This is a piece that will make you feel proud and motivated to possess all the skill sets that are necessary to succeed in the digital age.

Every day in this space we write intelligence reports for broadcast, new media and music people who want to get a leg up on the times, technology and competition.

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The Next Generation’s Media Needs

Just when we thought we had a handle on the next generation’s media needs and desires, it changes – that quickly!

Today, an early warning that tracks some potentially important consumer changes:

1.  Guess the new top 40 station for the next generation.  Go ahead.  You’ll never guess.  But I’m going to show you where to look and you’ll say – yes!

2.  The kids may be ready to pull a fast one on you, Apple and Pandora if this account from a radio executive is true.  Here is the potential replacement to iTunes.

3.  Finally!  The answer to why Steve Jobs is leaving radio off his digital devices in favor of this.

4.  What young concertgoers have in mind for live venues – and this predicts the future of the record business for the next few years.

5.  Which cell phone operating system (Android or Apple iOS) is the one you should target if you are going to create content in the next few years.

6.  Which apps can you forget – kids rarely use them.

If you read this space you know we like to keep you on the cutting edge of consumer behavior and their preferred technology.

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CBS vs. Randy

Randy Michaels’ Merlin Media is now up and running in New York with FM News 101.9 to join its recent Chicago FM that launched a few weeks back.

CBS blinked in Chicago and dumped music from one of its FM stations to simulcast news leader WBBM-AM.

The battle lines are drawn and today I am going to tell you who will win.

1.  Hint:  CBS isn’t going to pin Randy’s ears back and Randy isn’t going to kill CBS’ money making news stations.  Here’s the winner.

2.  Merlin’s chances for cutting into CBS’ revenue in New York and Chicago.

3.  WBBM will surprise.  The AM station!  Read on for how.

4.  The real battle for local news brands is not on AM – not FM – and not even streaming on the Internet.  Here’s the battle neither CBS nor Merlin even know they are in for.

5.  It is very possible that CBS and Merlin may both lose traction – but not to each other. Here’s the culprit.

6.  The big opportunity Merlin and CBS may miss but other local broadcasters may jump on.  

News as a radio brand is changing.

CBS and Randy think one of them will prevail.

In this article, you’ll come to learn that something more shocking may happen.

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The New AM/FM Dilemma

Have you been noticing the trend toward simulcasting lately?

Not just Randy Michaels who forced CBS to dump an FM music format in Chicago to protect WBBM-AM's top billing new franchise with a simulcast.

And not teh FM station CBS may be forced to find to protect all-news against Michaels in New York or sports in Philadelphia.

And it's not just CBS.

Why so long to migrate and what's the soundest strategy now in the digital age...

1.  Will simulcasting valuable AM brands on FM at this late date still work?  You may be surprised because the answer is more complicated than owners think.

2.  The one simulcasting move no broadcaster should ever make - not now or ever.  Avoid this strategy like the plague or there is no coming back.

3.  The best way to migrate a popular brand.  Warning:  very few radio broadcasters are doing this.  Learn from their error of omission right here.

4.  PLUS...How to turbocharge an AM brand not just protect it.  Randy's not buying FM stations for nothing.  He's not forgoing music formats because he doesn't like music.  I'll take a well-known top billing AM brand and walk you through what they should do now to bulletproof their franchise.

You won't find this information anywhere else.

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Clear Channel Nationalizes Programming

Look out for what Clear Channel did yesterday because it is going to change everything in radio programming.

On the surface, the company announcement looks like the usual harmless shuffling of titles and consolidation of jobs.

But it’s worse and since other radio companies – even small, non-consolidated groups – tend to follow the leader’s lead, it’s even more dangerous.

1.  The next strategy to do without program directors.  No, not just simply fire them all – but to implement this.

2.  How the Clear Channel move actually makes it harder – if not eventually impossible – for local stations to do local radio in several key ways.  I outline them for you here.

3.  Just how many program directors will now be at high risk in their careers and why.

4.  What is a “Vice President of Hamburger Helper”.  Read it and weep.

PLUS… What competitors can do to gain on Clear Channel stations … what your station must absolutely avoid to prevent getting sucked into bad strategy by following the leader … and how non-broadcast programming may wind up on the air at perfectly good stations.

If you read about Clear Channel’s latest mangled management changes anywhere else, you didn’t get the real meaning and the competitive steps you can take to take advantage of their poor judgment.

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Attacking Groupon’s Weaknesses

I’ve got some powerful ammunition here for radio stations looking to prevent Groupon from so easily walking away with local ad dollars that should rightfully belong to radio.

I’ve got charts, links to Groupon disasters that act as an insurance policy for radio.

Plus …

1. For the first time, a hard number – a figure of how much money Groupon takes out of local communities actually leaving less money to spend with merchants there.

2.  Scare retailers with this documented small business horror story – what happened to a business that signed on with Groupon and almost went out of business. 

3.  What’s the biggest problem is when Groupon coupon users descend on small businesses – and it’s not too much business.  It’s actual loss of business – check it out.

4.  Two quick solutions for radio stations to pitch small businesses that like the idea of new traffic from couponing without the risks that are burning others.

PLUS …  All you need to put some real hurt on coupon competitors today.

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Apple’s Sneak Attack

That damn Apple.

They skipped the recession and now they are powering up for the holiday buying season with products and services so cool that they will defy the economy.

But we had better know what’s coming or else traditional media is in for a devastating blow.

Like …

1.  How and when Apple’s iCloud will steal more free radio listeners away than even Pandora.  This is what I think Apple is up to that could harm radio without an appropriate response.

2.  Is it finally time for Santa Apple to grant a Christmas item off of radio’s wish list?  I’ll tell you the item radio wants most and what the chances now look like.

3.  The iPad update that’s likely by the holidays.  I promised 30 million iPads in use at my last Media Solutions Lab and Apple will exceed that number if they do what I am predicting.  It’s all here.

4.  The new iPhone is said to be a major refresh and the phone is more important to consumers than any other electronic device – period.  Know your enemy or make it a friend here.

5.  Apple will now become a consolidator.  Not the Clear Channel way.  The Apple way.  See how.

PLUS– Three major strategies right out of the Apple playbook for this fall that you can implement before Apple products hit the market.

One has to do with how to track your competitors best by doing this.

Two, how to refresh a radio station the way Apple refreshes its product lines at strategic time points.  This is worth the price of a subscription right here.

And, three – why Apple puts itself out of business periodically – really (think hard drives, MacBook’s and how it threatens its laptop line by making tablets compete with them), but more importantly how you could “put yourself out of business” too by becoming your own new competitor.

You can read radio rumors, gossip and happy talk anywhere – it’s free online.

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Townsquare Who?

Two things.

Townsquare will soon be the fourth largest radio group.

And have you noticed that “name” broadcasters are leaving secure jobs to go work for companies that want to do what they want to do – live and local radio.

The question is, is Townsquare that kind of venture capital based consolidator?

1.  What about talent.  Is Townsquare a good place to send a resume and make a contact?  Know your options.

2.  A good place to work?  Is it developing into another Cox, Bonneville or Hubbard?  Or because it is essentially owned by investment banks, is Townsquare just a smaller market Cumulus.  I have some thoughts on that.

3.  It will take 3 things to make Townsquare viable.  I’ll name them and fill in the details. 

4.  The brain drain I have been predicting has started – slowly, but surely.  Are smaller companies that do local radio a destination for talented radio people shunned by the big three?

5.  PLUS … the blueprint that all radio groups must have to succeed.  Without these things, forget it.  Radio gets devalued.  With them, radio becomes potent again.  Can you name the three things?

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Cumulus/Citadel Deal on the Ropes

Somewhere Farid Suleman is laughing his butt off.

Archrival Lew Dickey steals his almost debt-free, freshly out of bankrupt Citadel away from him and now Tricky Dickey can’t close the sale.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg …

1.  The Cumulus Citadel closing is now pushed back from September to year-end and don’t bet the mortgage even on that date.  Here’s a more realistic projection of if and when …

2.  It sucks to be Clear Channel – with some $19 billion in interest payments it can’t meet within about a year, wait until you see their 3 “best” options.  They are awful and affect the future of the company in adverse ways, which I will explain …

3.  Cutbacks and firings?  Radio groups are taking a new look at their options so why don’t you look at them, too. 

4.  How much longer until things get better.  I think I’ve got a realistic beat on that number and you will, too.

5.  PLUS … the good news for radio operators who take this advice.  There are positive things that can be done even as large consolidators struggle with their addiction to debt that they can’t repay or even buy. 

6.  One convincing example of a company that is currently defying the failing economy.  Let me tell you how they do it and then go steal their winning strategies.

That’s just a preview of what you’ll never read anywhere else but here.

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McVay to the Dark Side

Tell me it ain’t so.

Not Mike McVay.

Not to Cumulus as a hired hand.

After that shocker sank in, it occurred to me that the McVay hiring is part of what I call Consolidation 2.0.

1.  How one person can “magically” program hundreds of stations.  I don’t think so!  But what the Dickey’s are thinking is downright scary.  I share.

2.  That the coming Citadel bloodbath – even though it has been postponed until Christmas – is going to be worse than even I originally thought.  Here’s how.

3.  We’re entering an era of “Hamburger Helper Radio” but it is going to be different than most experienced radio people once thought.  How different?

4.  The real significance of the McVay hiring – and it has little to do with employing the experience of a talented program consultant.

5.  The scariest ramification is what is likely to happen to the once great ABC stations that Citadel overpaid for and Cumulus now gets in the merger. 

PLUS… The good news for Cumulus competitors now that McVay has joined the Lord of the Clones.

Sometimes you just have to say things that are being ignored – today’s piece provides evidence about how consolidation is changing and how you don’t want to be the last to see it coming.

Every day in this space, we try to write thoughtful articles about the way things really are in the media business.  If you’ve been thinking about subscribing, you won’t be disappointed to start today.

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Gaga on Kimmel

If you want to know the way the music business is going to flourish again, look no further than Lady Gaga. 

The old white men running the record labels have it so backwards that when I caught Gaga on Jimmy Kimmel the other night, it all became clear.

1.  Gaga has the peer-to-peer file sharing thing down like no one else – and here is how she makes money while labels spend money on piracy lawyers and losing causes.

2.  She has the answer for how today’s consumers like to cherry pick songs here and there for 99 cents or less and not buy the album.  Record labels should take note.

3.  How she plays big social media giants for fools – collecting full price for music they sell while they subsidize discounts for pennies on the dollar.  Check it out.

4.  That being a “rock star” is like running a corporation – not being a pawn of the music industry.

5.  And the one, indispensible thing Gaga and every wanna be “rock star” must do or risk losing the record buying Gen Y.  Something even the Beatles never had to do.

PLUS… How radio can get some of Jimmy Kimmel’s cool.

If you’ve been thinking about trying Inside Music Media, you will really appreciate today’s story – and love unlocking our 1,300 searchable story archive.

It’s how radio, records and new media people now start their day.

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How Pandora Is Outrating Radio

Everyone is talking about how Pandora now beats radio’s top music stations in the ratings in the top 10 markets.

But no one is talking about why and what can be done about it.

Today, all that changes …

1.  The biggest problem is The People Meter – not their ratings but how radio has lost its way trying to game The People Meter.  That strategy backfires against Pandora.  Here’s the way back step by step.

2.  How radio has left itself exposed on its playlists and how to correct it.

3.  One thing radio can do tomorrow, if it wanted to, that Pandora can never compete with.  But no station does.  Here’s how you can.

4.  How can radio compete with Pandora’s limited commercial load and still make money.  Read on …

5.  A second thing radio can do that Pandora cannot do – two in a row – that tightens the noose around Pandora’s neck instead of radio’s.  It has to do with the air product.

6.  Okay, I lied – here are three things radio can do that will make it impossible for Pandora to compete with you!  The third – a handful of smart strategies.

7.  How a shrewd mobile Internet move by radio stations can pressure Pandora.   Not costly.  Just smart. 

PLUS… how radio can compete with Pandora’s 800,000 playlist without playing 800,000 songs.

If you’ve been thinking about subscribing lately, stories like these that are honest, straightforward and see a clear path to future are a benefit.

Today’s story is a great place to start.

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Hot New Non-Branded Radio Content

You win!

I’m going to do it.

How radio stations can get started in non-branded mobile iPad apps that can and should replace their websites.

This is on the agenda for my upcoming Media Solutions Lab, but I can’t wait to share …

1.  How non-branded radio content sites are better than station websites.  And how to get started.

2.  The iPad – when used the way I will describe in this piece – was born for radio.  Not a competitor, a friend.  

3.  Then, what should you do with your streaming site?  Keep it, fix it, scrap it?

4.  Non-branded site ideas ready for you to claim ahead of competitors in your market for news, talk, sports and music radio stations.  

5.  One rule you must never break about non-branded sites or your investment goes up in smoke.  Know it.

6.  The magic of how to use your station with the non-branded content site without hawking the app or website on-air.  Here’s the secret that makes it all work.

7.  The best part – how to market your new non-branded content site and not have advertisers and agencies beat you up for discounts.  Yes, it’s all here.

PLUS … 7 very specific non-branded websites I would do in a minute – ready for you to rip off and use.  And I’ll tell you which one I would start with.

One of the benefits of subscribing is that you’ll never see these opportunities anywhere else.

This one is all about getting a head start.

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