Have you noticed how Clear Channel is going from market to market to either eliminate or cutback expenses on local morning shows? This has been going on under the radar for several months now while President John Hogan is engaging a willing press in the thought they he could be Howard Stern

Radio’s iPad Wake-up Call

President Obama may not have attracted as much interest in his State of the Union speech as Steve Jobs did in his State of Innovation presentation yesterday.

Jobs delivered the new Apple tablet -- iPad -- with almost everything we expected and more.

And he's offering iPads for as low as $499 for the basic model starting in March with tweaked out models coming in April.

As you probably already know, the 9.7-inch LED screen delivers the web, videos, photos, 140,000 apps compatible with your other Apple devices and a book store. The new iPad may kill the Kindle which by comparison is black and white in more ways than&hellip

The Apple Tabletǃ

Today, Steve Jobs will finally tell us what the much anticipated Apple tablet is all about.

A lesson for the advertising community: appreciate the value of silence.

Steve Jobs has gotten millions of dollars worth of free publicity from a product that consumers have imagined. Apple has had help from the media but not since the introduction of the iPhone have consumers been so spellbound.

I have seen some estimate that Jobs has already garnered $40 million worth of free publicity.


Of course the radio industry should be taking this product introduction very seriously because what Apple does from now on&hellip

Howard Stern on Clear Channel

You gotta love Howard Stern.

This guy is the shrewdest, smartest radio talent to come along ever! Now you may not like what he does on-the-air

How to Rehire Radio People

For the past two years, the ranks of American radio stations have been reduced by thousands and thousands of people.

Consolidators who found that they could not repay the loans they took out to buy their stations had no other way to cut costs. After all, the biggest expense at a radio station is talent.

Of course, the biggest asset at a radio station is also talent.

So, consolidators like Clear Channel, Cumulus and Citadel devastated their local operations, invented
cheap ways to import networked, syndicated or voice tracked programming and while they were at it -- committed one more act of&hellip

The Tipping Point for Radio

Radio will be left out of Steve Jobs' new mobile tablet device that he is expected to announce next Wednesday.

Malcolm Gladwell in his book of the same name defined the tipping points to be "the levels at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable".

My friends, we are about to witness history next week when Apple provides the electronics, the infrastructure and the consumer confidence (no small thing) to save traditional media.

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal alluded to Apple's goals. No one will know&hellip

The Mad Media Meltdown

The trades are all abuzz with news that radio may, in fact, be headed for another challenging year financially. And when the trades admit it, it must be bad because they like to keep their constituents

The Paid Internet

If you owned a record store ten years ago and I walked in the front door and asked you to give me some of the merchandise you were currently selling, you'd likely throw me out on my butt.

However, at the serious onset of the Internet in 2000, business establishments, retailers, publishers and entertainment companies knowingly cooperated with the emerging free Internet and began to giveaway content for free.

In some cases, businesses resisted and consumers did a workaround. I'm thinking of the record industry where young people found ways to steal music, share it illegally or quasi-legally through bit torrent&hellip