The Next Generation of Radio ǃ

At the end of June I am going to teach an interactive session for radio executives at the Conclave in Minneapolis. It will be conducted as I have taught classes for my university students over the past four years

For CBS Online ǃ

CBS CEO Les Moonves took out his checkbook last week and agreed to pay $1.8 billion in cash for

CBS is a TV and radio company but increasingly you can see how Moonves is not going to be left behind the way Tom Freston was when he disappointed their boss

The Radio PD of the Future

I received a very inspirational email from a long time friend that has prompted me to put together the essential qualities of the next generation of program directors for terrestrial radio.

In doing so I am taking into account that radio today isn

CBS Radio and Racial Parodies

All too often lately the major broadcast groups have been firing able and talented people to save money.

Last week CBS pulled off a double firing of a PD and morning personality with surgical precision.

WYSP, Philadelphia morning jock Kidd Chris lost his gig because of a March 21st in-studio guest named Lady Gash who sang the song

The Big Four Reckless Labels

(On the road with the Flyers NHL playoffs in Philadelphia pictured with my daughter, Daria and wife, Cheryl).

A few weeks back the RIAA was dealt a blow in a music piracy case. Perhaps you saw it.

A judge in the Atlantic vs. Howell case ruled that the sole act of making a music file available in a "shared folder" does not violate copyright laws.

The RIAA had been arguing that a sound recording that is ripped to a computer and stored in, say, a shared folder, constitutes unlawful use. Even the RIAA doesn