Millennial Attitudes Are Changing

Millennials are 18-34 and they have been the biggest disrupters of media than any other force ever.

Now they’re starting to disrupt their own unpredictable habits.

Is this good for us?

You be the judge.

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  1. Major changes in how they are using social media.
  2. Which social media platforms are hot and which are not.
  3. How they now look at driving and the connected dashboard.
  4. Changes in how they now use their phones.
  5. Millennials and NextRadio – do they listen on this phone app?
  6. Why you should take YouTube usage more seriously.
  7. The gender issues among younger Millennials that will redefine the way radio will relate to audiences.
  8. Uber instead of cars?

If you would like to see how Millennial attitudes about radio are changing, what’s cooling off on social media and developing attitudes and habits that could change everything for the connected car, touch here.

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