2017 Radio Solutions Lab

Wednesday, April 5
The Hub Conference Center / Philadelphia

$595 per person (Regularly $895)

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Here’s what you will get if you attend the 2017 Radio Solutions Lab Advanced Management Conference in Philadelphia April 5th.

Solutions to Radio’s Biggest Problems

  1. Reducing High Advertiser Churn – The proven program MoreFM, Philadelphia Chairman Jerry Lee uses to keep advertisers renewing at high rates and premium prices.
  2. Strategies to End Rampant Rate Cutting – How to take back control of the media buy from large consolidators or underachievers who are willing to drop rates, add costly promotions and flood the buy with bonuses.
  3. Attracting Millennial Listeners – A list of compelling content that is like cat-nip to 18-34 year old Millennials.
  4. Rebuilding Eroding Radio Audiences – Take notes on things like changing the way you hire air talent, how they talk to listeners in the age of digital and social media and making today’s radio not sound like yesterday’s.
  5. The Morning Show of the Future – The prototype of the new “morning man”.  A more authentic way to do premium-priced commercials.  A must-have feature more addictive than traffic or weather.  The one thing every station leaves out of mornings that in-demo listeners really want. 
  6. Eliminating the 3 Biggest Listener Objections to Radio – How to fix too many commercials, outdated morning shows and ending repetition that turns listeners off.
  7. Longer Listening – With TSL down every year since 1990, commercial-free music sweeps will no longer keep them tuned in.  It’s this, instead.
  8. Dealing with Too Many Commercials – New thinking on how to schedule all those shorter spots stations are running.  The answer to where is the best place in the hour to schedule them (PPM and non-PPM strategies).
  9. What Cinches a Buy Faster Than Even Bonus Spots – Blow bottom feeding competitors out of the water when they offer tons of bonus spots to buyers and you offer this.
  10. How to Program to Shorter Attention Spans – The cure for the epidemic of listeners who won’t listen to a song all the way through --- even one that they love.
  11. Digital That Makes Money – Why you should eliminate the expense and effort of doing social, web and app digital projects when this one, very inexpensive approach can start producing big bucks in months – I’ll show you teens that make more money from this approach than entire radio stations.  If they can do it, you can do it!
  12. Creating Fresh, New Formats – Is radio all out of mass appeal formats?  Not if you choose the innovative, new spoken word and music formats from this list.
  13. Great New Options for AM Radio – I’ll bet you if you put this megaton promotion on an AM station along with this format, even a Millennial will find it and stay tuned.  And what if I show you how you can pay for it and profit by selling it to a handful of advertisers? 
  14. What to Do About Podcasting – The #1 podcast in the iTunes Store is an on-air radio show.  What we’re learning about what works and what doesn’t and the future of podcasting in radio’s revenue future.

Conference Details

  • The conference starts at 8am with registration and complimentary breakfast.  
  • The program starts at 9 am and breaks at 12 noon for complimentary lunch.
  • All breaks are included in our day together.
  • The program ends at 4 pm.
  • The Radio Solutions Conference is not available by stream or video and may not be recorded on digital devices.

How to Register

  • The earlier you reserve a seat, the more you save.  Today’s tuition is $595 (regularly $895). 

Reserve a seat

  • Some companies send teams or groups to our conference and special rates are available by contacting Jerry

Inquire about group rates  



Jerry Lee’s Solution to Declining Revenue:  How to Reduce Advertiser Churn

In 2016 the Advertising Research Foundation studied 5,000 Ad Campaigns from around the world. They found that 75% of the impact of an ad campaign comes down to the Creative.

Yet no one is talking about the Creative, except for a handful of people around the country.

Working with Sensory Logic of Minneapolis, Jerry Lee has found the following shocking statistics:

50% of all National Radio Commercials are a waste of the Clients money.

68% of all Local Radio Commercials are a waste of the Clients money.

Jerry Lee is going to share with you how to address this pressing problem in your market.

With 2 out of 3 local radio commercials being a waste of your clients’ money, is it any wonder that your advertiser churn is so high?

Jerry Lee is the Chairman of WBEB-FM, Philadelphia “More FM” which has been among the very top revenue producers for many decades.

For those new to this conference, my background includes on-air and management roles in major market radio and television, publishing and digital as well as Professor of Music Industry at The University of Southern California.

As always, this event will not be available by stream, audio or video.

Please reserve the date to be in Philly Wednesday, April 5th to join the conversation.

$595 per person (Regularly $895)

Reserve a seat

Inquire about group rates


“The key to getting the most out of this seminar is to NOT attend it as a disgruntled broadcast professional, but, with a curious mind open to all possibilities and a desire to learn, and mostly understand; through empathy comes the real gift”.

“The format of Jerry’s conference is a free-flowing exchange of information, ideas, and solutions.  When you have a question…you ask it…interruptions are welcomed.  While some conversations become spirited, the sense of respect and nuance in the room was ever-prevalent and made this one of the most engaging seminars I have attended in my 29 years as a professional”.

“The concepts, ideas, and thought processes presented are MORE than for ‘just broadcasters’…it’s for everyone involved in multi-media, broadcast, web, and presentation with a desire to understand and communicate with the largest, most diverse, and at times, most difficult generation the world has known”.

“I found myself practicing and applying these ideas and concepts to my every day communication with others…and happier for it, too.  I realized after leaving the conference with a head full of ideas and an inspired heart that while industries change and shrink, we have the unique opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute despite these things…and at times, to understand what we ourselves are ‘really’ looking for and ‘where’ these opportunities exist”.

“I began a year long transformation of career and excitedly accepted a position with an NPR affiliate as “Director of Programming and Audience Engagement”…a dream position for me.  I believe Jerry and his seminar helped germinate that ‘seed' in my heart that knew this was were I belonged…and where my ideas would not only be welcomed, but encouraged.   Attend this seminar as “School”…and you may benefit, as I did, not only in career, but life”.