Cumulus Programming After John Dickey


  • A taste of the John Dickey you may not have known that is leading to his demise.       True stories that have been kept secret.
  • Will Jeff Marcus keep Mike McVay and Jan Jeffries – let’s just get right to it.
  • John Dickey’s programming hire from Subway – that’s right, like in “eat fresh” that isn’t helping his ability to save his job now.
  • Where John Dickey got the cockamamie idea to have one local jock replace three Westwood One format hosts. This makes him look like a lightweight to his new boss.
  • Will Jeff Marcus realize what’s wrong and return power to local Cumulus PDs. The very surprising answer.
  • How Marcus could save his $260 million Westwood One investment if he’s really listening to those in the company who know – details.
  • Nash – a keeper or a goner.

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