The Unsafest Job in All of Radio

I know, I know – they’re ALL unsafe except for the greedy bastards at corporate doing all the firing.

But some jobs are safer than others as you’re about to see and some, well – the handwriting is on the wall.

But one position is being targeted for elimination this year and when one group discovers a new way to cut costs, they all usually follow.

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  1. It’s a new category – people radio groups stayed away from for the past ten years.
  2. Clusterf@#ks: 30 people fired in one market alone, only 5 left standing and these savings are without eliminating this job that they are jonsing to get rid of.
  3. What about multiple market program directors?  Safe now that so many have been fired or unsafe?
  4. iHeart has automated selling, but there are still some sellers who they can’t fire -- or can they?
  5. The job you don’t want to have in radio because – and I’m saying it publicly – because owners are coming to take you away.

The answers begin here.

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