The Evil Empire Strikes Back At Employees

Bob Pittman is pissed.

Forced to postpone but not retract his orders to fire 4 employees per market by the end of June or sooner, he’s now about to retaliate big time. 

You’ll agree – what he’s planning to do next is a total outrage.

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  1. What’s the last thing you would do if you had to fire 624 people in less than a month?  Pittman is doing it anyway but it’s a secret – until now.
  2. The developing mutiny from within including top executives that are beginning to see their leader as being out of touch.
  3. How ordinary employees are actually growing a pair and for the first time courageously taking this action to stand up directly to the Clear Channel CEO.
  4. Pittman’s big changes ahead for President John Hogan and his format captains.
  5. The major top-level defection that promises to embarrass Pittman.
  6. And the most important answer!  How much time do 624 targeted layoffs really have before they are out of work even with Pittman’s last minute delay? 

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