Sobering Look at Racism in Radio & Records

The entertainment business doesn’t need the trouble it is about to have from systemic  racism that has become more prominent with the Black Lives Matter movement and disturbing current events.

The radio industry is the protector of racist policies and at the very least a bad example in doing what’s right.

The music industry has better optics because it produces hip-hop music and spreads the word but unfortunately it does not spread the power and the money.

Radio is about to get whacked for being late to the issue of systemic racism and it will present itself in ways that were unthinkable just a month ago – the music business will be forced to go even further.

Years of denial and neglect are coming due and it looks like more disruption at a time when the media business is already under the gun.

As the racism issue explodes, we are beginning to get a sobering look at the disruption ahead for radio & records.

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