Pittman Planning His Exit – What It Means To iHeart

Bob Pittman may suck at running companies but he is a rock star at knowing when to leave.

Just look at his resume.

You can almost smell it.

Pittman is getting to that point in the equity ownership world where you fail in as many notable ways as possible, declare “mission accomplished” and get out.

After all, these unique CEOs who cannot operate know one thing for sure – you can’t hit a moving target.

And we see all the signs iHeart is low and headed lower and that Bob Pittman is doing all the things that he usually does before he says sayonara.

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  1. Rich Bressler is Pittman’s number two man – but who will come in to replace Pittman?
  2. Pittman’s successor may already be “in the house” – and he’s competent but even more brutal than Pittman.
  3. The timeline on Pittman’s exit – what it will be like and how it will be handled.
  4. Whatever iHeart employees didn’t get out by then will be wishing for the days Bob Pittman was CEO. Here’s how.
  5. Pittman’s announcement that he’s promoting his number two guy was a decoy for what he is really planning to do.

The answers start here.

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