Meltdown On Day One of the New Westwood One


  • The documented Bush League programming screw-ups that the new Westwood passed off to format affiliates Monday.
  • The unsolvable “local” break problem.
  • The comical and sad first break for a new midday jock in one format.
  • Cumulus had trouble recruiting show hosts to do double duty with the network and their local show – here’s what they finally decided on.
  • The final blow for a lot of Westwood affiliates who have had professional talent on their air for upward of 15 years – and what they are going to do about it.
  • The first look at the Westwood severance agreement that was held out until the Eleventh Hour Friday – here’s why.
  • What to expect in the days ahead for Westwood format clients now that the wheels have come off their programming.

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