John Dickey Invents “Reverse” Country

What is “Reverse” country?

It happens to be what all the Cumulus country stations have coming their way soon.

Taylor Swift once per hour – no kidding – even though she left the country format years ago.

Johnny D is trying “Reverse” Country (his term, by the way) in some little, innocuous markets like New York and Dallas and then look out.   I can hear the sweepers now “Nash FM, We Play What John Wants” or “Nash FM -- Worse in Reverse”.

Seriously, I’ve talked to some real country experts and they have 5 observations I’m liking a lot so I’m going to share them.

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  1. What John Dickey missed when he decided to hedge his bet on country – there was a better way to get more listeners to sample Nash FM but he missed it.
  2. Better believe the record labels have something to do with this – here’s how.
  3. Two things that could have gotten Cumulus country on track (three if you count the non-authentic branding called Nash).
  4. History proves what happens when radio stations do hybrid music formats – here is the biggest disaster of all time and the Dickeys either don’t know about it or don’t care.
  5. James Brown – the Godfather of Soul (by the way is he buried yet?) – his advice on how to successfully program a country station and he’s 100% correct.

The answers begin here.

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