Disney+ Shows Radio How to Fix Itself

The way Pittman, Berner and Field talk about the radio business (or audio as they call it) you’d think that there was something inherently wrong with the broadcasting

Turns out that there is something very right that stations who work for them will not be able to get to, but everyone else can.

Radio is the original content and distribution platform. 

The meteoric growth of Disney+ streaming video service which is fast catching up to Netflix is one of the few other examples of one medium that has both the content and distribution advantage.

Netflix doesn’t, they have to spend $17 billion a year on original programming.  Spotify is the world’s most successful streaming audio platform of other people’s work.  There are many examples like this but few like radio or now Disney+ with their catalog of owned programming.

Which is why radio should stop listening to the “three blind mice” CEOs and start taking advantage of not only what they are but what they create – just like Disney+.

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