CBS Radio To Whack Hundreds More


  • The revised toll – these layoffs look more massive than first thought. It’s not 200 people as you’re being told.
  • The surprising markets where CBS Radio is now eviscerating their employees.
  • Heads Up -- The major market that got hit hard yesterday with more firings coming today.
  • A CBS Radio market reportedly ripe for a swap with Entercom.
  • How long will these iHeart-type cutbacks continue – any let up in the near future?
  • Once and for all – are these cutbacks going to affect primarily programming or mostly sales – an honest answer.
  • The tall tale CBS is spinning that these massive cutbacks are just ordinary replacements.
  • Why is this largest CBS Radio layoff so fast all encompassing – they have no debt like iHeart and Cumulus.
  • The firing has started in smaller CBS markets – details.

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