Behind The WTOP / Laurie Cantillo Bombshell

What’s Laurie Cantillo suddenly leaving WTOP all about?

Out of nowhere one of the ablest program directors in radio resigns her job at WTOP.

This news station posts huge ratings numbers without even playing Christmas music like the music stations do to hype their December numbers.

Cantillo’s departure is no small thing.

WTOP is the radio industry’s top billing station every year.

Cantillo even led WTOP to snow storm type mega ratings in the heat of last August with no local or major news stories of note – that’s tantamount to a music station being number one without playing any hit records.

WTOP is one of the few stations in the nation that knows how to make money from digital.

Great management.

Great owner in Hubbard.

So what’s really up, doc?

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  1. Just tell me already – did she quit or get fired?
  2. Was it about money?
  3. Where does this leave WTOP without a topnotch coach?
  4. Where will Cantillo likely land next?
  5. Is CBS in this in any way?

The answers begin here.

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