Westwood Replacements Now Doing 3 Shows At Once


  • They have no choice – here’s what Cumulus is forcing Westwood replacement jocks to do in real time.
  • How Westwood is getting away with charging more for one of these slipshod services – yes, a premium.
  • The part of this dirty deal that is being kept secret from thousands of Westwood affiliates because they are already pissed.
  • The name Cumulus is now using to describe Westwood’s sub-par programming. Hint, the first word is “Nearly”. You’ll die laughing when you hear the next word.
  • The money. What Cumulus is now paying their local jocks to do 3 formats at the same time.
  • The Dickeys are going to pay for this with their jobs – details on a big announcement about top executives expected soon.

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