This is Without a Doubt the Best Way To Bulletproof Your Station Against Digital

I’ve got some new research that shows what happens when the media industry ignores the will of Millennials.

Cable television is becoming a thing of the past for money demos because of it.

But the radio industry can still do some things that will help it avoid the same fate.

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  1. How to brainstorm with your staff to create a new reason for young people to listen to radio.
  2. What will soon be more important than creating great 24/7 broadcasting – this is the ticket to relevancy in the digital age.
  3. One insurance policy every radio station can take out right now that will guarantee that it will be relevant and profitable in the years ahead.
  4. Just-released research that dramatically shows how the cable industry is dead in the water and how radio can avoid the same fate.
  5. The single most important thing a station owner or operator can do to attract younger money demos in droves – yes, even in the age of digital competition.

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