This Confirms Talk Radio’s Death

You’re going to be angry.

Talk radio can’t seem to do anything right.

More damage was done in the past week than in the years prior.

And these kind of moves guarantee the death of the talk genre – ahead of schedule.

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  1. How talk radio is giving guys like Lew Dickey who want to kill it off actual legitimacy.
  2. What are the four commandments of getting an infusion of younger people to listen to talk radio – change the way you talk to audiences is one of them.  Now the other three.  Also applies to music stations.
  3. The only good news – and it’s great news – for talk radio stations if they could only get out of their own way and do it.
  4. The talk station that young people will embrace will not be about politics, it will be all about this.
  5. What format has even more of an uncertain future than talk if that is possible.

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