These Radio Groups Aren’t Going To Make It

Let’s be real.

Some radio groups just are not going to make it.

Too much debt, not making their numbers, advertisers mandating 30% digital out of their radio budgets, no digital other than streaming … not good.

But what is amazing is that the groups that are goners are not necessarily the ones you’d think.

Look before you change jobs.

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  1. Clear Channel is going down but are they out – not if you understand Bob Pittman’s one last Hail Mary move.
  2. What about all those smaller companies like Alpha – keepers or losers?
  3. How about the Scripps – Journal merger – a good thing or are they no safer than any other company?
  4. One radio group that is so over, you never saw it coming (and neither did they).
  5. The only 8 radio companies I’d pick my family up and go work for – these are the radio groups with a future that you should be angling to work for next.

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