The Truth About Disney’s Radio Exit

They’re lying bastards who have deserted the ship!

No, they’re geniuses who are once again getting out while the getting is good.

Which one is Disney?

Is the avalanche of radio station sales about to begin?

What’s really going on and what does it mean for radio.

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  1. Is Disney going to sell their ESPN sports stations next.
  2. The brutal reason Disney is abandoning radio for its children’s format – its NOT that only 18% of their listeners hear it on a radio.
  3. What Disney knows about the future of radio.
  4. If Radio Disney is relying 100% on mobile, does that make Jeff Smulyan’s NextRadio a winner in the wings – this is very important to get right.
  5. What 90% of radio owners are likely to consider doing now as the market softens.

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