The Increasing Threat of SiriusXM

I have a contentious but glorious relationship with one of my readers, a portfolio manager who just loves everything SiriusXM does.

So, he takes me to task and I dish it right back.

Example of his prose about my critical SiriusXM comments: “You keep saying that and they keep putting up numbers unlike your radio shit crowd. And unlike radio, they are pivoting hard and are really good at digital, marketing, a wide breadth of content, sports etc. I might be old..but you are radio and old! :)”

I’m not used to being accused of being a radio apologist so you can see why this is so intriguing.

I mention my friend because he serves as a great introduction to today’s piece on the increasing influence of his favorite media company.

One scenario is they totally disrupt radio and leave it permanently injured.  And then there’s the other – that SiriusXM and all the media companies it is acquiring collapses under its own weight. 

God knows the “love letter” I’m going to get after this story.

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