The Ice Bucket Challenge

The biggest social media stunt of the day warns radio stations to wise up.

Social media starts everything.

Broadcast media covers it.

It used to be that broadcast media started every new trend.

So, what should you do – sign off the air and just give up.

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  1. The best way to find out what Millennials want and crave – done.
  2. The only last option to reach Millennials – here is the one format that wins them over.
  3. Surprise!  DON’T do what NPR is doing.
  4. How to effectively use social media on a radio station – it’s not what Townsquare is doing – it’s this.
  5. Two must-solve problems a radio station must fix now to even have a chance winning a Millennial listener over to radio – and there are 95 million of them!

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