The Epidemic of Shorter, Cheaper Spots

This one is on iHeart.

They can’t get their rate so they are selling as much as they can for as little as they have to take.

Market after market competing managers are telling me that this is killing them. It drives the price of radio down and it makes it harder to make your numbers.

And if anyone cares – good broadcasters usually do --- a lot of crappy, cheap, short ads are being aired making the on-air clutter problem even worse.

In other words, listeners have had it with commercials and radio adds more of them. And when you run a lot of shorter ads, it seems like even more.

This is a big deal especially for independent operators who can’t afford to sell inventory the way iHeart is doing.

Scorched earth selling.

So, if you’ve been following my narratives about the radio conference I’m doing in Philly in about a week and a half, you’ll understand why I’ve consulted independent stations that are succeeding at fighting rate cutters.

I’m going to be honest (as opposed to the opposite, right), even shrewd operators are getting dinged by predatory sales practices of desperate consolidators like iHeart.

But they are getting dinged less.

And they are increasing the spends of their best advertisers and cutting down on churn.

So if you’re at the table when we get to this number one revenue issue confronting radio right now, you’ll learn …

  • How to get your best advertisers to spend more with you even if they have to take it from your competitor.
  • The exact pitch that makes you their lead and biggest buy.
  • Why and how independent stations employing the approach you will learn are even getting premium rates.
  • The package to put in front of advertisers and we’ll name names of resources you can go to for helping your best advertisers spend with you first with the biggest buy.

I’m not a big fan of what consolidation has done to the radio industry and I want to offer solutions that can help independent operators succeed even when their competitors are hurting the industry.

I can’t force you to be there, but I can invite you with this promise – it will be the best and most useful day you’ve spent gathering intelligence on how to compete in the second wave of consolidation.

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