Solutions To Radio’s 11 Biggest Problems

  1. Rampant Rate Cutting -- Agencies and even large consolidators are pressuring good operators that want to maintain rate integrity to cut rates and throw in too many bonuses.  At the 2017 Media Solutions Lab learn of a plan that stops media buyer rate slashing dead in its tracks.
  2. High Advertiser Churn – WBEB Chairman Jerry Lee will do a session on a proven plan to create tested copy for your best advertisers and improve effectiveness of commercials that will outperform competitors making your station not only a must-buy but a premium must-buy.  68% of 5,000 local ad campaigns studied were deemed a “waste of money”.  Here’s your ammo.
  3. Eroding Radio Audiences -- If baby boomers are aging out and 86 million Millennials are turned off by traditional programming, where does radio grow?  What to do to create targeted programming for the new money demo.
  4. Digital That Fails To Make Money – Come and get familiar with the Content Station of the Future.  Re-configure the physical station, bring sales together with programming, make social and Internet part of the platform.  Here it is, what it will look like and how it will pay dividends.
  5. Stale Radio Formats – Even an essential radio staple – the hits or CHR format is now showing signs of weakness in some markets.  How to create programming for the new money demo.  See a sampling of formats and format variations that will awaken even the most distracted in-demo audiences.
  6. Attracting Millennial Listeners – Make stations sound like Millennials, air content they will crave.  Start with this power list.
  7. Outdated Morning Shows – We will detail what the morning show of the future will look like -- it isn’t anything that is on the air now at most stations.  And, we’ll get into why a lead female personality is now required, not optional.
  8. Repetition That Turns Listeners Off – How to surgically add the element of music discovery – what music listeners want and now get from other sources – while still playing the hits that are important to ratings.
  9. Too Many Commercials -- Adjustments that must be made for carrying an increasing number of shorter spots.  This is ingenious and you’ll want to do it immediately to keep your hard earned listeners on your frequency.
  10. How to Get Listeners to Listen Longer – Time Spent Listening to radio has declined every year since the early 90’s when such figures were kept.  And hardly any Millennial listens to songs all the way through these days (even on other platforms).  Now there is an easily implemented way to keep listeners from straying and it isn’t longer music sweeps.
  11. Repurposing AM Radio – AM has been left for dead by regulators and young listeners who are abandoning FM can’t even relate to what AM is.  But, there is hope.  In the 60’s, everyone was listening to AM largely because FM was unavailable and not fully built out.  Say hello to the underground AM station of the future.

You are invited to hear these solutions and join the discussion at the 8th annual Media Solutions Lab April 5th in Philadelphia.

Buffet breakfast, lunch and breaks included.

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