People With Big Titles Turning on the Dickeys


  • How widespread is this revolt by once loyal top execs turning on Lew and John Dickey.
  • One of the surprising turncoats is this Cumulus exec who has his head so far up Lew’s you know what that he can’t see the light of day.
  • The one thing that has been holding up largest shareholder Jeff Marcus from reassuring shareholders he has things under control and ready to turnaround.
  • What has been stopping Marcus from going public with the changes he has already made privately.
  • What Jeff Marcus is hearing on his lone listening tour of troubled Cumulus clusters without Lew Dickey by his side.
  • What Marcus is discovering that the Dickeys have covered up.
  • The fate of Lew and John’s “mafia” under Jeff Marcus.
  • Who is likely to handle Cumulus operations now – 12 months after Lew refused the board’s demand that he hire a non-Dickey for the job.

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