New Cumulus CEO’s First Big Moves


  • The first indications of how the new CEO is going to run Cumulus in the post-Dickey era.
  • How her town meetings are having the reverse effect on employees.
  • How employees are bullied into playing nice at these meetings by bosses who are afraid of losing their jobs.
  • Gary Pizzati’s job security under Berner.
  • What Berner is saying about her head of programming that is scaring people.
  • The growing disrespect for her “interim” group PD Mike McVay.
  • Case in point: A video of McVay making a fool out of himself talking programming half out of it and shirtless – Not suitable for viewing on an empty stomach.
  • What she is doing about the outbreak of favoritism.
  • How salespeople don’t know what to tell prospects because of corporate game playing. Details.
  • Who brought up bankruptcy, the elephant in the room.
  • The black hole ahead for Cumulus programmers.

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