Listeners Check Their Phones Every 6 Minutes

That’s checking their phones about 150 times a day.

Young folks average 110 texts a day.

Some 46% of smartphone users say they can’t live without their devices.

And we in the radio business must be on another planet when we design and program radio stations in the digital age.

What would happen if we rethought the mission of a radio station with this in mind?

Would we still be doing traffic reports?

Would weather still be sacred when it is right there in our listener’s hands on-demand?

Would it change the way we do social media? 

I hope so.

What kind of air personality would it take to compete with or replace this kind of dependence on a smartphone?

How would our commercial breaks be configured?

How would we do better, more effective commercials in a world dominated by checking the phone incessantly?

Would you program in 5-minute blocks or just blow off phone user stats like these?

Is the way we present music something that needs to be rethought?

Is there a close personal relationship from the radio to a phone user possible?

I am going to propose that it is and how we should try it on-air.

I hope you will consider joining me at my 2017 Radio Solutions Lab April 5th at the Hub Conference Center in Philadelphia – 5 minutes from Amtrak’s 30th Street station and 23 minutes from the airport.

In addition to competing with digital devices, there are 11 big bets to place on new ideas:

  1. Strategies to End Rampant Rate Cutting.
  2. Reducing High Advertiser Churn -- Presented by WBEB’s Jerry Lee in response to a shocking study of 5,000 ad campaigns in which 68% of local advertisers said their radio spend was “a waste of money”.  Let’s stop this in its tracks.
  3. Rebuilding Eroding Radio Audiences -- Millennial-friendly new targeted formats.
  4. Digital That Makes Money -- How to assemble the “Content Station” of the future that merges radio with digital and social. 
  5. Creating Fresh, New Formats -- A sampling of formats and format variations that hit the sweet spot for even the most distracted in-demo audiences.
  6. Finally Attracting Millennial Listeners -- By making radio sound like them, have special content for them and embrace their 5 most desired values.
  7. The Morning Show of the Future -- Why a lead female personality is now required – no more sidekick status.  New features.  And the ones that should go.  How to make mornings 60% of your total station billing.
  8. Ending Repetition That Turns Listeners Off -- How to surgically add music discovery to the familiar hits.
  9. Dealing with Too Many Commercials -- We need to have a conversation about something that drives listeners away.
  10. Longer Listening -- Time Spent Listening to radio has declined every year since the early 90’s.  And hardly any Millennial listens to songs all the way through these days (even on other platforms).  Now there is an easily implemented way to keep listeners from straying and it isn’t longer music sweeps.
  11. Underground AM Radio -- Say hello to the underground AM station of the future.  Format possibilities, how to promote and sell. 

The 2017 Media Solutions Lab is about significant positive change.

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