iHeart-type Cutbacks Invade Salem

Even religious broadcaster Salem, a stable operator, is now adopting cost-cutting tactics used by iHeart and Cumulus.

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  1. How big money was saved in layoff/reassignment that you’d expect from the Evil Empire.
  2. Details about the uneasy feeling that this week’s initial layoffs will breakout elsewhere in the group.
  3. Worse yet, why the iHeart cost-cutting model is being adopted by competitors -- as risky as it is.
  4. Is this the start of a corporate jihad direct from Salem headquarters?
  5. After the first layoffs which top exec said, “Salem is one of the more fair companies I have ever worked for, and if they lay me off tomorrow, I would still say that”.
  6. Two groups likely to be next to adopt iHeart’s “Remove & Replace” layoffs.

The answers begin here.

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