iHeart Angling To Replace Live Talent with Artificial Intelligence

iHeart is claiming that the more than 1,000 employee “dislocations” conducted earlier this month were “relatively small”.

If that doesn’t sound like an iHeart alternative universe, try this.

They are working with a company to make voice tracking more intuitive and real with an eye toward eliminating even more live talent.

And, to make local stations sound even more local than with real humans.

Whether you’re believing them or not, iHeart is hot on the trail to do it having spent “hundreds of millions of dollars” and hired experts in artificial intelligence to once and for all eliminate the need for live human beings on the air.

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If you would like to read my comments in Drew Harwell’s Washington Post article and learn more about iHeart’s plan to use artificial intelligence to replace live talent, read iHeart laid off hundreds of radio DJs.  Executives blame AI.  DJ’s blame the executives.