How Carl’s Jr & Hardee’s Are Winning Millennials

Millennials want authenticity.

So Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s are running new TV campaigns that focus on the things that make their restaurants different than other fast food outlets.

Carl’s Jr. is showing that old dogs can learn new tricks because they had previously been focusing on women in swimsuits.

Real ice cream instead of a mix in their milkshakes, the manual labor involved in prepping it, how they hand break chicken tenders and make new biscuits from scratch every morning.  Many of these things have always been how these restaurants do things, but now they are advertising it.

How could this look in the radio industry?

Human-generated playlists by people just like in-demo Millennials, features that appeal to Mllennials as opposed to traffic reports and sweepers, commercials aired by people who have tried the product or service and are willing to speak honestly about them.  Can you imagine an agency or advertiser who would sign on for this?  I can, but it might take some convincing.

86 million Millennials crave authenticity but radio continues to sound like the most unauthentic medium in broadcasting.

Listeners know radio playlists are repetitious and “corporate” (a word my students have often used to describe it).  To change that perception, radio must change the way it puts together music and programming to add the human element and the element of discovery that Millennials also crave.

Creating solutions to attract money-demo Millennials to radio is on the agenda at my next Radio Solutions Lab in Philadelphia April 5th.’

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