Employee Uprising At Cumulus San Francisco

The Dickeys tried to bust the union and now look what they got.

More than they can literally bargain for.

High-priced carpetbagger lawyers hired to come in and break the pesky union.

Instead, what Cumulus San Fran employees are accomplishing is the feel good story of the winter (and we need one).

The Bay Area victims of Lew Dickey’s stewardship are in full revolt and the Dickeys are starting to retreat.

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  1. How Lew’s union busting tactics backfired and bought him more headaches in San Francisco.
  2. Reports of retaliation by the company against employees that most certainly will wind up in front of an arbitrator.
  3. Tit-for-tat tactics by Cumulus that are so petty they must have had their feelings hurt. Details.
  4. Why the spirited pushback by San Francisco employees of Cumulus should be the template for wronged workers at iHeart, the rest of Cumulus markets and other egregious radio groups.
  5. The first step employees can take that will get them some say in their workplace mistreatment.

The answers begin here.

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