Eliminating Radio’s 3 Biggest Weaknesses

If we can make a dent in just these three areas, it will make the most difference.

  1. Repetitious Music – This is not a new complaint but in a world of Pandora, Spotify and streaming digital devices playing the same songs over and over again has become a bigger negative for radio. First, break away from playing songs all the way through – young music listeners never play a song all the way through.  Time to adapt. Add in more music discovery. More new with shorter versions of hit songs.
  2. Too Many Lousy Commercials – Make them better and don’t run as many.       But stations are not getting their rates so they are accepting lots of cheaper 10, 15 and 20 second spots that make commercial sets unlistenable. And news and talk stations think this doesn’t apply to them.  It does. Many times the local station can make commercials sound better and be more effective. You’ll want the latest on what works because it doesn’t cost a penny to do things that are proven to work. For example, using two or more voices.
  3. Fixing Outdated Morning Shows – Traffic, weather, news – that’s so 90’s.  Any self-respecting smartphone owner knows everything that she or he needs to know in what was once radio’s main morning mission. When we keep doing what listeners don’t need, it makes us less valuable.  Brainstorm with me on how to replace traffic, weather and news with something listeners can’t get on a cellphone. And if you’re afraid to mess with traffic, weather and news because it is associated with revenue, wait until you see what you can get for offering three new services that even digital users can’t get on their mobile devices.

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