Cumulus Panics — Can’t Cover Westwood One Firings


  • What Cumulus is now offering to pay local talent to do the full-time job of fired Westwood part-time talent.
  • How Cumulus forgot to lineup talent to replace the fired Westwood people causing them to scramble now.
  • Why proud Cumulus employees are saying no leaving the Westwood programming in jeopardy for thousands of affiliate stations.
  • The kiss on the lips Mike McVay is promising in order to get local employees to help them out of this mess.
  • The deal – the number of voice tracks that fearful Cumulus employees don’t want to do on top of their “day” job.      
  • The difficult learning curve that will be required for any sucker, I mean, Cumulus talent willing to take this on.
  • How much money Cumulus thought they were saving by firing over 70 Westwood One employees – and now they’re screwed.

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