CBS Preparing For Massive Station Sale


  • The continuing CBS layoff plan that sets up a massive station selloff.
  • Where Cumulus now stands as eventual buyer of CBS stations.
  • Could Hubbard be a buyer to the delight of some CBS employees – details.
  • Why CBS is hell bent to eviscerate its all-news stations and the unlikely model they will be following from another consolidator.
  • The fate of all-news WNEW-FM in Washington – the first news station CBS started and didn’t just inherit from the former Westinghouse.
  • The expiration date on CBS’ attempt to sell the group.
  • Will Scott Herman become the CBS version of Cumulus hatchet man Mike McVay – new news on this front.
  • What CBS Radio will look like in 18 months after merger and acquisitions President Andre Fernandez carries out his plan.
  • Some good news about some CBS radio personalities.

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